Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bust out the Brooms?

So the Brewers website is plugging the recent sweep of the Pirates. Do we really call a 2 game series a sweep? I guess...but it just doesn't seem the same.

I'm glad we're done with 2 game series. They leave me unsatisfied. I feel cheated. Or something.


Brad Chopp said...

Instead of a full out sweep, how about calling it a "dusting."

AP said...

Maybe a 2gamer is called a "small sweep" & a 4 gamer is called a "big sweep" or something like that......It shouldn't even count anyway, it's 2 in a row!

Nubs said...

I'll take it whatever you call it. Looking tough heading into the weekend. now hopefully they can actually win a game in the retros tonight. - But if is vote was being taken I lean towards dusting, nice Chopp

Goldy said...

Freddie Sanchez struck out only 52 times last season. He struck out in 4 straight at bats yesterday. Great job Freddie.

Retro jerseys=loss. Hopefully Sheets can get his stuff back working. A swwep of this series would be huge. 2 of 3 will be excellent as well. Also hopefully I can get the powder blue Cooper bobblehead much like I got the powder Blue Chuck Moore.