Thursday, March 15, 2007

Moss deal complete?

Word on the street is that the Packers will announce this afternoon that they have acquired Randy Moss. The deal will go down like this:

Rodgers and a 7th in 2008 for Moss, TE Courtney Alexander and a conditional 2009 pick that could be as high as a 2nd depending how Rodgers fares.

I like this. Now we just need to pick up some RBs and a back up QB. Let's just hope Joey Harrington's name does not come up. At All!


matt said...

That makes no sense from the Raiders' perspective. Unless they don't like Quinn or Russell and will draft Calvin Johnson with their top pick. And they think Rodgers can be a starting QB. I hope this is true. What street did you hear this on, Goldy?

Nubs said...

That would make sense only because the Raiders love shitty PAC 10 qb’s. i.e. Todd Marinovich (did they not see the vich and think this was Dan’s younger brother?) Tuiasosopo and last years Walters.

Check out this list of winners.

Raider QBs

Bill said...

Harlan is now saying this is not going to happen. I guess too good to be true. I would love to see Moss catching a jump ball on both the Queens and the Bears.