Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Brewer Breakdown - Left Field

Check out Jenks snuggling with this fatty-boom-batty. Hey, I Google "Geoff Jenkins," this is what comes up.

Unless Dougie Melvin has a trade in the works, Geoff Jenkins and Kevin Mench are on their way to platooning in LF. Needless to say, neither are very happy with this plan.

The Good: If, somehow, both of these guys are willing to platoon, the numbers are pretty stellar. Jenks is slugging a whopping .511 the last 3 years vs right handed pitching while Mench’s batting average is well over .300 against southpaws…including a mere 2 strikeouts in the last 2 years combine! Hmm, who knew…Mench is on his way to becoming the all time HR king of Delaware natives. Good job Kevin! Mench has showed some pop in his bat with back-to-back 25+ HR seasons. Jenks has always been an underrated fielder. His cannon is one of the best in the NL. Jenkins is in a contract year, that has motivated many a player. When Geoff is on one of his hot streak, he can carry the Crew for weeks…

The Bad: …on the other hand, when Jenks is cold, he’s International Falls-cold. He might as well bust out the 5-iron on anything close to the dirt. Both guys think they are better than they are instead of deferring to the team’s needs, which wont be resolved anytime soon. Mench was downright awful in Milwaukee. He couldn’t hit (.230), hit for power (1 bomb), run, field, tie his shoes, make popcorn...whatever. Maybe his gigantic pumpkin head had something to do with it?

2007 Predictions: Jenkins: .274, 20 HRs, 75 RBI. Mench: .255, 7 HRs, 26 RBI

Grade: C+. Neither guy is consistent enough to be ranked any higher. A 100% platoon would bump up this mark, but that’s not gonna happen. One of these two will grumble loud enough to get traded.

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