Friday, March 2, 2007

It's Fun to Bash the Cubs, Especially While Remaining Anonymous

Fun little quote out of Jason Stark's latest rumblings & grumblings column talking about MLB free agency:

"To me," one GM says, "if you're heading into free agency, you should either go after the absolute elite players or the filler players. The key is, stay out of the Ted Lilly-, Jason Marquis-type contracts, because those are the ones that kill you."

I'm sure this unnamed GM wasn't taking an intentional swipe at Cubs GM Jim Hendry (who signed both Lilly and Marquis). Yeah, right. Regardless, I think Mr. Unnamed GM would say that the Cubs signed all three types of players last off-season - elite (Soriano), fillers (DeRosa) and "killers" (Lilly, Marquis).

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Wrigleyville said...

Not to mention Aramis Ramirez, who was re-signed as a free agent.