Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Worst Sports Injuries

Anybody else see two guys ram Butch’s elbow back in place during the OSU game? That was not good. It got me thinking of some other dandies:

  • Coke-snorting LT snapping Joe Theisman’s leg during a MNF game
  • Raider RB Napoleon McCallum’s knee shredding, also a MNF game I think
  • Moises Alou putting his foot on sideways sliding into second base with the Expos.

Those are a few off the top of my head. Please respond with your favorite sports injuries?? Maybe I will post the links your viewing (dis)pleasure.


Htiek said...

Carlton Fisk once ruptured a testicle. He took a foul ball off his nut cup which shattered his nut cup and ruptured one of his testicles. I think he immediately passed out from the intense pain.

I apologize if this graphic thought ruins your day but it had to be mentioned cause I really can't think of a more painful/gruesome injury.

Anonymous said...

Going with something much more recent, the Shaun Livingston injury the other night was pretty gruesome. Dislocated kneecap, torn ACL, MCL, PCL...not fun times.

Jags said...

Would have to be Goalie Clint Makarchuck's severed jugular. Back in '89 just days after being traded to Buffalo he was in the crease against the Blues. On a routine play; St. Louis right winger Steve Tuttle was charging toward Malarchuk with defenseman Uwe Krupp closing in from behind. As the puck flashed through the crease, Krupp grabbed Tuttle and Tuttle's leg kicked into the air, his skate blade slicing through the exposed flesh under Malarchuk's mask.

The skate blade of Tuttle slashed Malarchuk's exterior jugular vein in his neck. It was this accident that caused goalies wear neck protectors. In seconds there was a pool of blood on the ice so large it filled the entire crease. During this whole time, Malarchuk remained conscious. It is because of this, that he remembers the words that he spoke after the accident. Malarchuk flung off his mask and collapsed to the ice in a pool of his own blood, fearing that he was about to die. He asked the trainer: "Am I going to live?" He did.. The sight was so grizzly that 2 spectators suffered heart attacks and 3 of Malarchuk's teammates vomited while still on the ice. It was estimated that if the skate hit 1/8 inch higher on Malarchuk's jugular, he would have been dead within 2 minutes. In the dressing room and on his way to the hospital, doctors spent 90 minutes and used over 300 stitches to close the wound.


Now that's a sports injury!!

Matt McManus said...

I'll never forget the sight of Tim Krumrie's broken lower leg flapping around during that Super Bowl. Not more gruesome than some of the other injuries that have been mentioned (nice one Htiek), but the most memorable for me.