Monday, February 19, 2007

Scottie On Scottie

Scottie Pippen not only goes 3rd person (2007 Chuckie Carr Award Candidate?), he actually thinks he was better than MJ!! Yeah, keep working on that comeback at age 41 Scottie...that should go well.

"I know that, but I think people love me just as much as they love Michael," Pippen said. "The fans who understand the game, the GMs and coaches. I think they'd rather have a Scottie than a Michael."

There was an awkward, shocked pause after Pippen answered - Pippen over Jordan? - and someone finally asked why.

"Because I'm an all-around player," Pippen added. "Coaches would rather have a Scottie-type player than a Michael. I was an all-around player. I made people around me better."

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