Monday, February 19, 2007

Same Old Same Old

Starting things off on the right foot on the injury front again this year, news out of Brewers spring training is that Weeks and Koskie are still hurting. We all knew that Koskie's melon wasn't right yet, but Weeks is still having problems? He needs to see the doctor again? Hey Rickie, might have wanted to take care of that, oh, about a month ago. And for god's sake, don't flick that bat during your down time. If this is going to be another season filled with Yost blaming "breaking up of scar tissue" for every bit of post-surgical discomfort felt by the local nine, I'm already looking forward to 2008.

Mr. Baseball, meet Mr. Glove

Finally, who knew that the University of Buffalo was the spot to go for concussion problems? What's it called, the Don Beebe institute of head injuries? Maybe Koskie can wear one of those foam helmets-outside-the-helmet things that Beebe and that offensive lineman for the 49ers used to wear? Help me out people, who was that, Guy McIntyre?

(Confession: I didn't know the University of Buffalo existed until they showed up on Bucky's football schedule).

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Goldy said...

2 things:
I thought one of the guys who had the foam helmet was Bills' SS AMrk Kelso, or something like that/
Second, I think the new MLB BP hats are a little too NASCAR looking. Yuck.