Wednesday, February 28, 2007


"Can somebody pass the Tylenol?"

In honor of Brian Butch's robo arm this weekend (I wonder if he can throw a gyroball with that thing), here are some of the best/worst sports injuries. Sorry Doug, couldn't find your Tim Krumrie leg flap.
Clint Malarchuck gets his jugular sliced. As mentioned by NHL Rich in a previous post.

Napolean McCallum: A classic MNF injury.

Joe Theisman: Another MNF great....makes it even better that I hate Theisman.

Shaun Livingston: Happened this weekend. Not good.

Franco Colombu: This is just awesome....a personal favorite of Straubs! We had this on tape in the dorms and showed it to everyone who walked through the door. The ladies were not a big fan.

UPDATE: Looks like someone on CNNSI beat me to the punch. Link. I'm deathly afraid to watch #4...just can't bring myself to do it.

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Goldy said...

I was a witness to two terrible leg injuries in Madison. The most recent was MSU safety Terell Dortsch almost snapping his leg off as he tried to defend a TD pass. If I recall, he had to stay at the University hospital in Madison for about 2 months.
The other was Moszelle Peterson of the Badgers in an NIT game at the Fieldhouse in '96. This was when the NIT was still a decent accomplishment for the Badgers. Peterson completely blew out his knee. His scream is something I won't soon forget. He never played again which was a shame because he was a solid wing player.
The Allen Ray eye thing was pretty nasty as well.