Friday, February 16, 2007


I’d like to start spring cleaning by gathering some missing books. So, if you get a chance, please check to see if you borrowed some of these. Thanks.

The Old Testament - I'm missing Leviticus, 2nd Chronicles, and Habakkuk.
How to Play Winning Football, the Vince Ferragamo Way

Guns Don't Kill People, Chuck Norris Does
Awaking from a Comma: The History of Punctuation
Bodybuilding Techniques by Manute Bol

The Unauthorized Biography of Pat Morita (Goldy, this might be yours)
Millard Fillmore: America’s Forgotten Leader
Convert Your Dodge Ommni Into a Stock Car in 10 Easy Steps
America the Beautiful Volume IV: Gary, Indiana

The Cuisine of Uzbekistan

Thanks again!

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