Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vote: Best Broadcasting Team

Who is your broadcasting team of choice?

Bob Uecker/Jim Powell – Brewers Radio
Whoever/Bill Schroeder – Brewers TV
Matt Lepay/Mike Lucas – Badgers BBall/Football Radio
Wayne Larrivee/Larry McCarren – Packer Radio
Jim Pashke/John McGlocklin – Bucks TV
Ted Davis/Dennis Krause – Bucks Radio


Nubs said...

Homer and Jimmy Shaq-alvaine? not listed? Come on guys.

Matt said...

I don't know who's the best, but it definitely isn't Paschke and Jon "Short strokes/pop-up zone/reload" McGlocklin. I'll take Ted Davis on the Bucks radio network over the TV guys anytime.

Benjamin said...

Uecker and Powell hands down.

Brad said...

I wish a Uecker-Schroeder duo was possible. Uecker still gets my vote even if Powell is annoying.

Nubs said...

Powell is not annoying. I like the Crew's team, but if we are debating duos can we include Powell and Uecker when technically they each fly solo and rarely are on the air at the same time.

Brad Chopp said...


“Sheets snaps back the return toss from Estrada…Boy he really wanted that call. Ben circles the mound…pats the rosin bag a couple of time….climbs the hill…kicks the rubber…wipes the sweat off his forehead…sets….receives the sign from Johnny…. and kicks for the 1-1 pitch!” Repeat. For every pitch. Annoying.

Popp said...

Actually living in Wisconsin we are fortunate to have some really solid duos. I have to go with the Larrivee/McCarren. I love the McCarren- "No!!" "Ogghhh" "Yes!" background vocals during horrible defensive secondary plays or a nice slant route that goes for a 75 yard TD. "And there is the DAGGER!"- Classic from Wayne!

Uecker/Powell would be up there but Powell brings them down a bit cause HE SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE ROBERT! GET YOUR OWN IDENTITY! and also Jim do you ever notice that Robert courtesy laughs at your lame jokes? I also think Lepay/Lucas are underrated. Solid Solid duo.

Bucks?? I haven't watched an NBA game in years. In fact I have recently turned down courtside seats to the Bucks game. I think the most annoying thing about the NBA to me is the fact that Kobi tries to act like Jordan night in and night out. I did hear Pashke broadcast Juan Nieve's NO NO the other night. He sounded awesome there. Never once mentioning the fact that Baltimore hadn't recorded a hit