Monday, January 22, 2007

Mike Hunt Actually Has a Point

Today, for the first time in recent memory, Mike Hunt wrote a column in the Journal Sentinel that I agreed with. He said Alando Tucker is the best player in the history of the UW men's basketball program. I honestly can't argue with that.

He's a great player, by all accounts he's a great guy, and he's led his team to a #2 ranking nationally. He also has recently developed a knack for almost willing his team to victory, even when his shots aren't falling - just look at this weekend's Illinois game as an example.

By the way, despite this semi-insightful column that actually includes an original thought, I still think Mike Hunt is committing theft on a bi-weekly basis - every time he collects a paycheck from his employer.


Goldy said...

I think his Suppan column was the best by far.

Nubs said...

I wasted five minutes of my life the other day watching Mikes monologue on jsonline. It was brutal; he claimed that MU’s poor free throw shooting was due to ESPN, the root of all evil or something like that. What the Fuh? He is a moron.