Sunday, January 28, 2007

If Frank Brickowsi's Mentioned, it's a Must Read!

While flipping through an Oregon St basketball game, the first thing that came to mind was “The Beavers have never really been much of a program. Other than Gary Payton, was anyone else worthwhile played here?” That spawned this post: The most notable/ forgettable NBA players from traditionally terrible programs from big conferences.

Colorado: Chauncy Billups, Jay Humphries. What lacks in quantity, the Buffs make up in quality as Chauncy is a fine NBA player. I must also list mediocre former Bucks, hence Humphries.

Northwestern: Evan Eschmeyer. Eschmeyer, the stereotypical stiff, was the first Wildcat NBA'er since 1986…and that guy sucked too!

Kansas State: Mitch Richmond, Rolonado Blackman, Steve Henson. Henson, the NBA’s version of Rudy, was the ultimate 12th man for a couple of sorry Bucks teams.

Baylor: Brian Skinner, Vinnie Johnson, David Wesley. If you asked me where the Microwave Johnson played college ball, and spotted me 200 guesses, I still would have been wrong.

Mississippi: Nobody. Wow. 100 years of hoops, 8 horrible NBA players.

Minnesota: Not a wretched program, just couldn't leave out the alma matter of Randy Breuer.

Auburn: Chuck Barkley, The Person’s Wesley and Chuck, Chris Morris. Of course the Chuck Wagon was great. Chris Morris once shattered a backboard, that has to count for something!

Nebraska: Eric Piatkowski, Tyronne Lue. Here’s guessing the Corn basketball program doesn’t get the same support as the football squad. Just a hunch.

Penn St: Frank Brickowski. Seriously that’s it, that’s the list! I’m guessing the coaches don’t promote history, tradition, and NBA pedigree when recruiting players to Happy Valley.

South Carolina: Alex English, Mike Dunleavy, Brian Winters. English was smooth for quite a long time in Denver. Winters was a nice player but will always be known as one of the key acquisitions for the Bucks in the Kareem Jabbar trade. Oops, can we have a mulligan on that one?

Texas A&M: Nobody. Well, at least they’re good now!

Washington State: James Donaldson, Craig Ehlo. Ehlo was just warming up for the days of getting posterized by MJ on a monthly basis.

Which leads us to Oregon State: Gary Payton, AC Green, Brent Barry. Corvallis has not exactly been a basketball hotbed…or football now that I think about it. Oh well, at least Oregon is a nice place to live.


matt mcmanus said...

I'll add one to this list - how about the University of Miami? Rick Barry is a former Hurricane. After that? I think Tito Horford (former Buck, father of current Gator standout Al) played there. And, of course, the immortal Constantine Popa.

Bill said...

Keith loves Popa...

AC Green... I think he is still a virgh in, at least he was when I was in college.

Come to think about it that was a very long time ago...

Htiek said...

Poooooooopa! How did his pro career not pan out? And how can we forget about Tennessee. Pearl will be churning out pro's left and right but to date I think only Allan Houston and of course some great Bucks lineage with Ernie Grunfeld, Dale Ellis, and that stiff Haslip.