Monday, July 13, 2009

Play at Your Own Risk

How about a drinking game to make tonight's Home Run Derby tolerable:

1) Every time Boomer says "Back, back, back, back...GONE," drink.
If you're not passed out yet, continue:
2) When Boomer references a different Missouri city - I.E. "He hit that one to Columbia!" - drink.
3) A Prince nervous cough. Drink
4) When they flash to Ozzie Smith, drink.
5) Drink when they show an All-Star pitcher right after a huge bomb and say "(Fill in pitcher here) hopes he doesn't see (fill in batter) hit the ball like that tomorrow night, ha ha ha."
6) If they throw in a Lewis and Clark reference, drink double.

I'm rooting for Prince to win, then untuck his shirt. In St Louis, that would be sweet.


AP said...

#1 will be more than enough to kill you anyway. You could do this with shots of beer and you'd be in a coma. Mute button, ftw.

Anonymous said...

Chris Berman is the absolute worst thing to happen to Pro Sports, including the Metrodome.

Anonymous said...

Prince is going to tire out halfway through the first round.

Berman has to have incriminating pics or something to be allowed to ruin broadcasts like this year after year.

Anonymous said...

finish your beer every time the 14 yr old knocks the snot out of the 8 yr old going for the can o corn...

Goldy said...

You need a couple glasses of scotch to get through a truly awful song from some random American Idol scrub. He's no Kelly Clarkson

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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