Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Introducing...the Bill Schroeder Commentary Drinking Game!

Similar to the "24" drinking game in which you take a shot every time Jack Bauer yells "Dammit" or "We're out of time! Give me a name!" or tortures a suspected terrorist...I'd like to try out an experiment before the all star break. I'm interested in how trashed one could get watching a Brewer game and taking a drink every time Bill Schroeder says one of the following:

"Where did that miss?"

"My Goodness..."

"Are you kidding me?"

"You betcha partner (said to Anderson)."

I'm confident there are a solid dozen shots each night if we stick with these original rules. If you'd like to expand on the game and report back your findings...we'd love to hear it.

Enjoy your beverages.


Tim said...

Since I can only listen on the radio, I'll have to continue playing my own game - getting hammered by taking a drink every time Bill Hall looks at strike three.

Anonymous said...

We just lost 3 outta 4 to the Cubs and this is what you wanna talk about?

Anonymous said...

Douche ^^

AP said...

You'd be hammered by the 3rd inning, and you'd need a complete change of blood if the game went in to extras.

Anonymous said...

finish your beer each time anderson baits schroeder into a "when i played the game..." bout of mouth diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

There is also

"There's that man again" (in reference to a player who is killing the Brewers).

"Couldn't walk it to home plate any better than that."

the polack said...

We also hear

"Up in the zone"

about 1,000 times/inning