Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Hate Notre Dame

I really do. To my dismay, their schedule is a joke.

@ Michigan
Michigan State
@ Purdue
Boston College
Washington State (In San Antonio, of all places)
@ Pitt
@ Stanford

Even USC is down (for USC standards) this year. Michigan is the only team who should be improved compared to last year. Pitt might be decent. That's a 10 win season by accident. And a 10 win season for Notre Dame means a BCS game. A BCS game for Notre Dame means an ASSLOAD of media love for the Irish and TV face time for Chuck Weis. Sorry to make you vomit.


KL Snow said...

I think you're underestimating the talent on this schedule. They could lose to Michigan, Michigan St, Purdue, USC, BC, Pitt and UConn.

Nubs said...

Brad, no one hates ND more then I do, but I have to comment because I agree with Kansas Light Snow. UConn is actually a football team now, Michigan St is always good the first half of the season, Michigan will not suck again, Purdue tough, BC, Captain comeback lead Stanford, that is 8 losses right there, 9 if they stumble out of the gate against your WAC team. I'll give them dominance over the state of Washington only.

In closing, favorite team in all of college athletics, regardless of sport, whoever is playing the pretentious golden domers .

brad said...

Trust me, I really wish you guys were right. 8-9 losses Nubs?? No chance.

All those teams you guys mentioned are nowhere close to winning their conferences, except USC of course.

And ND started nothing but sophomores last year. guys just put me in a position to defend the Irish!!! Damn you!!!

Tim said...

The sight of those two words, "Notre Dame," is the only thing I can think of that makes me glad it is not college football season yet.
I think that schedule is a little tougher than you give it credit for.

I had heard of Emo bangs, but Emu bangs?

cobra said...

I don't see them winning more than 3 games. I don't think anyone of those teams other than USC are going to be great this year and my Boilermakers are on that list. I have no reason to believe N D is either and if they win any games other than the Nevada, Purdue, Washington I will be shocked.

ND Hater said...

Washington, Washington State, and Stanford might be the 3 worst teams in the Pac-10.

UConn had their best 4 guys drafted and will be mediocre at best.

Purdue is awful and Michigan will still be in the bottom half of the big 10.

Nevada and Navy suck.

BC is a little above average.

After USC, only Michigan State and Pitt are solid...and Sparty will be about 4th in the weak Big 10.

And, for better or worse, Notre Dame brings back everyone.

Sorry, folks - 9 wins certainly possible.

cobra said...

Possible yes! Likely No.

Jacks-Off said...

I'm pretty sure Brad had it right the 1st time: 10 win season--at least. The fact alone that they're bringing nearly everyone back from an OK team, plus a good number of blue chip recruits (even stole the #1 LB from USC, didn't they?).

That would be a pretty tough schedule...if they played ALL of the games on the road, but they have 7 home games, basically 8 (I can't imagine too many of the Wazzou faithful making it to San Antonio). So, they have one, maaaaaybe two tough road games if you want to stretch it, but they'll clean house at home, minus USC. Even then, I can't be the only person who thinks ND has a shot to win that game in front of the home fans against a young USC...

gordon said...

I hope the holier than thou fighting Irish lose every game they play. I despise Notre Dame, always have always will. Their schedule is a joke. They are media darlings who play it up as much as they can.