Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This Will Make You Cringe

SI laid out the best draft picks, by slot, in NBA history. Three of these guys were drafted by the Bucks, but ended up playing elsewhere. Two Hall of Famers, and one possibly on his way. Ouch. Imagine teaming Dr. J with Kareem and Oscar??

9. Dirk Nowitzki, Bucks, 1998

12. Julius Erving, Bucks, 1972 - Had Erving signed with Milwaukee, he would have been teammates with Abdul-Jabbar and Robertson; instead, he moved to the ABA...

23. Alex English, 1976, Bucks

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Anonymous said...

The Erving thing still angers me.

Back in the late '70s-early '80s, Erving continued to whine that he really wanted to win a title. The media picked up on it an kept saying what a shame it was that he hadn't won one yet.

I always said, if he would have signed with the Bucks instead of going to the ABA, he would have won multiple titles. A starting five of Dandridge, Erving, Jabaar, Robertson and Allen wouldn't be stopped.

But he didn't like Milwaukee and then tried to sign with Atlanta a year later (which was termed illegal by the NBA at the time because the Bucks held his rights).