Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Quick Thoughts

It's late. My pup is in the doggie hospital for eating 3/4 of a pan of brownies, so I have some time to post some thoughts. If you own a lab with legs that don't stop, make sure your wife doesn't leave brownies on top of the stove.
  • I like what the Bucks did tonight. They obviously were looking PG leading up to the draft. They knew Jordan Hill wouldn't fall to them, so they got the best PG they thought was left. The problem is, Jennings is a young guy and isn't going to be a stud right away like Paul and Williams were. Hopefully he gets time to develop.
  • I like the Meeks pick as well. Maybe its because I watched the 54-point game and found it entertaining that Jimmy Dykes was ready to have his love child. However, the guy can also play D. I think this guy can be an NBA starter down the road.
  • I am glad to see other teams trading players and getting nothing in return.
  • Do to work and travel, I don't think I have watched more than 2 innings of a Brewers game since the 2 White Sox games I went to. The losing hurts a little less when you are paying less attention.
  • Christmas of 1984 I received a t-shirt that said "Beat It" and had a full color photo of Michael Jackson with the red leather jacket and the glove. I thought it was awesome. Obviously some weird stuff happened later in life for Mike, but for those around my age, Thriller was a huge record. Wanna Be Starting Something is just a great song. Woz, was Jackson selected in your death pool?
  • Corey Hart. I detest you.
  • The new Kauffman Stadium is alright. Better than the old one, but still nothing special. The scoreboard is massive. There is so much on that thing, you have a hard time finding the important stuff. It was a bit distracting.
  • Going to a Royals game in 2009 is like going to a Brewers game in 2002. Less than 20,000. Nobody wearing team gear and very little applause for any of the players. Just a rough atmosphere.
  • I think I am officially worried about the Brewers.
  • PYT
  • On a closing note, I hope Cooper is ok. The vet seems to think he will be alright but wanted someone to observe him overnight. And they were going to make him vomit again, so better there than here.


Goldy said...

Well, we picked Cooper up this morning and he is fine. The vet says he has the iron "lab stomach" so he is less phased by things like brownies and dead animals. Good times.

Matt said...

Geovany Soto didn't help your wife make those brownies, did he?

brad said...

Oh, that's gold.

Nubs said...


Good to hear Glen is doing well. But one more reason in a long list I don't want a dog. But I will have one by the end of summer (uggg).

Not sure I like the jennings pick but I don't like the nba so i'm over it. Meeks was a great pick for the second round. maybe they can dump Redd since Meeks is a also a shooter but plays D?

not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Somehow Woziszeus had him in our death pool. Fawcett was on a list last year but was not kept this year.

Lance's Other Nut said...

As a dog owner Goldy, glad to hear all is well.

Mike Vick said...

I'll take care of that dog for you.

that 12 yr old's dad said...

michael jackson died of an apparent suicide, he stabbed himself in the back 48 times....