Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So Aaron Kampman is silent. Mute. Hasn’t said a word about the Pack’s new 3-4 defense. Everyone assumes he’s pissed. It would make sense as A) he’s one of the best 4-3 DE’s in football, B) he’s entering the last year of his deal (and at age 30, this will be his last big pay day) and could lose some cash if failing in the new D.

Personally, because he’s such a good guy (and I have a Bromance with him), I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he wants to run around for a few weeks in the 3-4 before commenting. Maybe he hasn’t “bought in” to the new scheme and wants to take it for a test drive.

It’s a tough situation for him and the Packers. If they trade him, my ears are already ringing with the chorus of: “In two straight off seasons, Ted’s traded Favre and Kampman – their two best players….why would they trade their best locker room leader…he’s a great Packer, why not give him a year to see if he can play OLB…blah, blah, blah.”

If they don’t trade him and he busts it’s: “Who the hell thought he could ever play in that scheme...what a waste of talent….blah, blah, blah.”

I think it will be boom or bust with Kampman. Either he’ll excel, or be crappy. I certainly hope it’s the former. Oh, and I really hope he doesn’t change his uniform number, which has been talked about. Just bought a #74 last offseason.

Tomorrow is another chance for Kamp to talk to the media. Will it be statements or silence from the Packers sack master? (Mike Hunt me!)


jim schmidt said...

"Maybe he'll excel, maybe he'll be a bust. Maybe they'll trade him, maybe they won't." That's some terrific insight. Keep up the must-read blogging, Chuckie...

brad said...

You're welcome. Mike Hunt is my inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Worst case scenario, he becomes a pass-rush specialist with his hand in the dirt on pass downs.

Why the hell not? We paid KGB 6.5 mil for the last four years to do just that.

Here's hoping he will get it down.

Matt said...

It's little wonder he's upset, this being a contract year and all for him. Looking goofy in a 3-4 scheme is probably not what he had in mind in his walk year.

No matter how "great a guy" he is, at the end of the day everybody is looking out for #1 in professional sports.

Brett Favre said...

Who is #1 in Professional Sports, b/c I'm certainly not just looking out for myself?