Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He's Back!

Oh yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Jorge "3 and 2/3 innings pitched" de la Rosa will be back in Milwaukee (career ERA at Miller Park of 8.47!!!) and pitching against the Crew for the Rockies on Wednesday.

Call your bookie. Take the over on Wednesday. Doesn't matter what the line is. The Brewers will have him bounced by the 4th after he'll finish with 9 earned.

In other news, Chuckie Hacks has learned from Brewers personnel that the following two things will be placed behind the pitching mound when the Rockies are in the field Wednesday to accommodate Jorge:
A bucket: For which before the start of each inning Jorge will vomit profusely into, to calm his nerves.
A fresh towel: Will be replaced each inning for him...to be used in between pitches to wipe down the sweat that will no doubt be dripping from every pore on his body.

I'm going tonight, but won't be there tomorrow. If any Hackers go there and are within heckling distance, please give it Jorge. I loathe him.


Anonymous said...

Too bad he's facing Gallardo. We should save Yo for a game that we have a chance of losing. Hell, Parra could pitch against JDLR and we'd still come out ahead by a few runs.

brad said...

Ah, George of the Red. Good to see he's still alive.

LuisLopezFanClubPresident said...

Isn't he "George of the Pink"?

garcia said...

good to see the brewers come out and play with intensity tonight...stlouistoday.com is right. We should have won every game and we should have won that one. I guess we just like keeping the division close!

Anonymous said...

Oops. Just goes to show how tough it is to bet on baseball.