Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brewers Roll Out The JV Squad

Here is the Brewers' lineup:

SS Craig Counsell
RF Frank Catalonotto
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
3B Mat Gamel
2B Casey McGehee
CF Jody Gerut
C Jason Kendall


AP said...

The JV squad is the one that has Hall, Hart, & Hardy in it lately.

The "Shitty H's" are our version of Houston's "Killer B's".

Did Cameron drop his suspension appeal? If not, shouldn't he just do that and have today count as one day since Gerut is starting? It's not going to get reduced to zero.

Matt said...

I bet this lineup scores more than 2 runs.

Anonymous said...

Yo might have to win this game himself again with a homer

Wes Helms said...

Why can't Bill Hall slip on the dugout steps?

UeckersEats said...

I like this lineup. It can't score less than the regulars have lately, so why complain?

George Webb said...

I gotta get out of this prediction business, I'm losin my ass here.

My bookie is not going to settle for free breakfast much longer.

garcia said...

I agree.. I like this line-up better. There's no intensity in that dugout... someone has to step up!

Anonymous said...

This lineup means I'm not bothering to go to the game. The others may suck lately, but I'm not paying to wtach Gerut and Catalanatoaltonato.

Don't Panic We Have Leskanic said...

Let me pose this question: Jody Gerut or Brad Nelson?

In a lose-lose situation I think I want Nelson only because he has a chance of going yard. Granted, the pitcher has to throw an absolute cock shot down the middle, but I still like those odds better than putting Gerut up there. I hope I'm wrong.

Tim said...

The top of the line-up is still there for the most part. There won't be 10 runs scored, but I'd bet there will be more than Tuesday or Wednesday.
This had better not turn out to be a wasted outing for Mr. Yo.

Kyle said...

Is it just me or does Jerry Crawford leave a lot of games early? Does MLB keep that stat? I'd like to see which umpire has left the most games prematurely. (John McSherry excepted, of course...that one's free).