Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Best/Worst Wisconsin Sports Announcers

Deserves it's own post...Wisconsin Sports Announcers:


I'll go with:
Best: Larravee and McCarren
Worst: Homer and Jimmy Mac
Overrated: Lucas and Lepay
Underrated: Ted Davis


Ringo said...

Best: Wayne and Larry
Worst: Anything MU puts out out there
Overrated: Uecker's depth perception puts him here
Underrated: Bill Johnson, UWM

Nubs said...

Best: Uecker (I said it Chopp)I also like Larravee (back in his Bear days can't say i listen much now but he calls a GREAT game.)

Worst: All in all can't complain that much. I think we are pretty lucky to have the talent we have.

Overrated: Tie: Lucas and Lepay and McCarren

Underrated: Homer and Jimmy Mac they know their stuff and I like the excitment.

Bonus underrated: The golden chopps of the MU women's hoops tandem of Sommerfeld and matera. Those guys call a great game.

? Ted Davis- Oh yeah he's the bucks guy. ihear good things but can't say first hand.

Nubs said...

I take that back I can't stand Bill Johnson. Thank you Ringo for reminding me. I can not listen to ESPN anytime he is on the air. HORRIBLE

Matt said...

Worst is McGlocklin and Paschke, hands down.

Nubs said...

Again bucks related so I can not comment. sorry. But Matt in your defense you live in a satellite radio world and do not have to drive around SE Wisconsin listening to Johnson in the afternoons.

Ringo said...

Oh I agree, Johnson sucks on 540. Pathetic.

But I'm a UWM alum, had to give a shout out.

Nubs said...

That's fair Ringo

Anonymous said...

Best: Wayne and Larry
Worst: McGlocklin and Paschke

Nobody is underrated or overrated. They are all rated pretty much correctly if you ask me ;)

Anonymous said...

Best: Lucus and Lepay
Worst: Mccaren (although I like Larravee)

Underrated: Ted Davis

Also, Chris Roth does the UW-Green Bay basketball games. He is absolutly brutal.

Keith Ginter said...

Best: Uecker

Worst: Krause at Buck's home games, either join Ted on the road and get a season long thing going or stick to TWS channel.

Overrated: Larravee (He's great, don't get me wrong, but he is no Irwin)

Underrated: Bill Schroeder

Anonymous said...

Best: Lepay and Lucas
Worst: Homer and Mac (runner up to Jon McGlocklin)
Overrated: Larivee and McCarren
Underrated: Ted Davis

Anonymous said...

Best: Larrivee
Worst: Uecker, Homer, Paschke, McGlocklin (they all suck)
Overrated: Uecker
Underrated: Brian Anderson