Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 Thoughts from Saturday's Celebration

Well it's unfortunate that the Brewers couldn't build on Saturday's great win. I think the future strategy for Brewer opponents should be to only start guys making their major league debut against the Brewers. Seems like there is about a 15-year track record of the Brewers performing terrible in that situation.

However, going back to Saturday's exciting win, I noticed 2 things in the celebration I liked.
  1. Hoffman ws one of the foirst guysin the pile around Prince. I am sure he was glad the team picked him up, but it's great to see the vet being one of the first out there to celebrate and whoop it up.
  2. When Braun tried to jump on the pile he overshot everyone and clipped Jody Gerut's (Jordy Gerruth?) face with his spikes. This just leads me to mention that Jody Gerut has been terrible.

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Anonymous said...

Jodie Meeks > Jody Gerut

In any sport.