Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wondering What Happened to Brooks Kieshnick?

This is worth your time. did an interview with a high-energy Brooks Kieschnick.

The short version: He thinks the Cubs completely botched his career, he loved Milwaukee, he loved hitting bombs, and he wants Doug Melvin to call him to give him a job.

No mention of him dominating slow pitch softball leagues in Texas, but you can bet that's what he's doing best right now.

h/t to Right Field Bleachers on finding the interview.


Anonymous said...


Nubs said...

time well spent. Great find Matt

woziszeus said...

Absolutely outstanding.

This guy needs to be involved with the team in some capacity.

Anonymous said...

Can we replace Bill Hall with Brooks? He's got more passion in his finger than Hall has in his entire 4-strikeout body.

AP said...

Thanks for that Matt, that was great.