Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shrek = Gone

The Brewers have signed Frank Catalanotto.

K bye, Brad Nelson.


Nubs said...

Sooo no Glue? Huh.

I like the move. Can't hurt

Anonymous said...

Whoever signs Glue owes him like $6 million. Sooo, absolutly no Glue.

Nubs said...

No I thought the Phil's our on the hook for that? But I usually don't know what I'm talking about so that would make sense.

woziszeus said...

Are we certain it will be Brad Nelson who will go down?

Chris Duffy still has options...and it isn't like he has been spectacular either? Although he is a plus defensive player.

At this point though I think Nelson probably wouldn't get picked up if he had to go through waivers. Dump him.

woziszeus said...

And no...if you pick up Jenkins you don't owe him the full salary. It is similar to the Mike Lamb situation last year. He got released and the Twins were on the hook for the full salary (3millish).

When he signed with the Brewers he got the Veteran Minimum (800K or whatever). The Brewers are on the hook for that...the Twins picked up the difference.

But no...no Glue. Please. I can't have his Father back in the stadium.

Matt said...

I'm not sure about anything, but if I were GM Melvin I'd kick Nelson to the curb (or at least try to get him through waivers). He is a minus minus defensive player in the outfield and is 0-for-2009 so far. Why hold on to him? If he gets claimed by the Padres or somebody, who cares? It's not like the Brewers are bereft of bats in the minor leagues.

At least Duffy plays a good outfield and has some speed. And he has a hit this year.

That's my opinion.