Sunday, April 26, 2009

Road Trip

Like last year after the Boston series, The Hebrew Hammer went public this past week with some comments about the team's overall performance. Braun didn't mess around.

"The pitching obviously has been pretty bad but the offense has been pretty bad, the defense has been pretty bad. I don't think we've really done anything well the first 13 games of the season. We've got to find a way to turn it around.

"Saying 'it's early, there' s no need to panic" -- none of that means anything now. We just need to come out and play better."

This is the type of commentary I love from professional atheletes. The whole "there are no excuses, we suck and need to play better" type of quotes. It shows their competitive side. Last year the team responded to Braun's comments by going 12-4 over their next 16 games. This go around, they responded with a 4 game winning streak before their loss today. Let's see how they do over the course of the next 2 weeks.

With the exception of the Cubs series, the Houston series was definitely the most exciting series of the young year. Nothing like seeing a good home plate collision or Prince Fielder hitting a ball that Lance Berkman almost caught at 1st base...and then next thing you know it's over the wall in right field. It's also pretty funny seeing Prince "jumping" for joy on his home run trot. I think he's got a 4 inch vertical.

You've got to have good feelings from the results of the road trip. Things are beginning to "come together." Yo looked like an ace on Friday night. Braun is on fire and Prince is heating up. Hopefully this week Trevor Hoffman has another positive effect on the crew plugging a hole in the bullpen. Besides that, somebody needs to walk up to JJ Hardy and inform him Jason Kendall is hitting .184...and oh by the way, that's better then yours.

Pittsburgh is up next. We slapped them around last year to the tune of 14-1 (wow). Don't expect similar results this year, with Pittsburgh improved and off to a good start this year. They have let up the least amount of runs (58) in all of MLB to date. Hey you know what? Good for them. Too bad they are about to run into the buzzsaw that is Ryan Braun.

Let's hope for a little 4-2 record this week at home to get back to .500. And if Brad Nelson is a reader of this blog...don't fret buddy. I'm sure your first hit is going to come annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny day now (sarcasm alert!).


Charlie Marlow said...

You said 'series' more time in that one paragraph than Braun typically says 'obviously' in a quote.

Charlie Marlow said...

**more times

DOGY said...

I'm not going to lie.... Prince made me very happy with his joy.

Matt said...

The Pirates are probably going to be without Nate McLouth for this series. He has a....wait for it....wait for it....strained oblique.

I guess the epidemic has spread to Pittsburgh. And I'm not talking about Swine Flu.

A.Guss said...

Hopefully the strained oblique epidemic wont hit my softball team after tomorrow's game.

I think the Brewers are wasting their time on Brad Nelson. If we only had Matt Stairs, a real professional pinch hitter.

Where is the Big Hurt?

AP said...

Their defense is shitty as hell, though.

Matt said...

I'm pretty sure I strained my oblique bowling the other night. Everything feels strained. Probably shouldn't have bowled 5 games after not bowling for at least a year. Bowling is a damn unnatural movement.