Monday, April 27, 2009

Please, No More Brad Nelson

Brad Nelson. Tore the cover off the ball in spring training. Has looked generally clueless when it has counted. After getting his first big league start yesterday, Macha sends him up in a key situation in tonight's game, and what does Brad do? If you guessed strike out, you are correct. Honestly, I am surprised he worked the count full. The guy is just having a rough go of it. His confidence has to be shot and I can't see Macha using him in key situations anymore. What do you do with the guy? If you send him down he has to clear waivers, but if you leave him up, it seems like he is destin to rot on the bench.

Even though it wasn't a save situation, and I am glad the Brewers scored those 5 runs to make it that way, it was pretty cool to see Hoffman enter the game tonight. Couldn't have asked for a much better situation for his debut. No pressure and a 1-2-3 inning against a team the Brewers have dominated. 16 in a row at Miller Park and 13 overall. Amazing.

Carlos V. Erg.

Entering tonight's game:
Mike Cameron: .328 AVG; .431 OBP; 1.070 OPS; 4 homers; 10 RBIs (and add a homer and 2 RBIs)
Melky Cabrera: .297 AVG; .366 OBP; .987 OPS; 4 homers; 7 RBIs (24 less ABs than Cameron)

I am glad the Brewers didn't trade Cameron. I just hadn't thought about the near trade in a while and just wanted to compare the stats.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from the game. I cringed when I saw him in the on-deck circle. Bases loaded and Macha goes with the hot hand, lol. 0-for-12. Just the guy you want up there. I'd had batted Gallardo before this bum. Still cool to hear Hell's Bells, even though there were only 15,000 of us left by then.

woziszeus said...

I'm not sure what situations Brad Nelson can possibly be trusted in. He looks COMPLETELY lost at the plate.

Mike Lamb would have at least made contact there.

Gregor said...

I was hoping that playing on Sunday would help keep him fresh, He'll break out of it soon.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I hear a faint cheer rising.

Jenkins, Jenkins, JENKINS!

At this point I wouldn't trust Nelson to hit a wiffle ball off a tee with a canoe paddle.

Anonymous Adam said...

Nelson had a 800 OPS in over 1000 AAA AB's, and needless to say, that translates to sucking unless you are a catcher or SS in not only AAA but big shocker the pros

Stizzle1 said...

For the love of god would the brewers please stop letting brad nelson even touch a bat. I would get a one way ticket and send him right back to nashville. Every time he gets up to bat I turn psychic, Its an out. I mean at least if you were to let bush or gallardo hit we would have a chance. Hell bring back Sheets, Id rather see him pinch hitting and we all know how much he sucked at batting. Brad Nelson Sucks. The End.

Cactus said...

A pinch hitter should have MLB experience and the ability to make contact...either to move a runner over by at the very least putting the ball in play. Fathead Nelson will connect RARELY, and his power is completely outweighed by his obvious deficiencies as a real hitter- he is an undisciplined,free swinger whose approach at the plate is counter-productive. He's a dime-a-dozen burly inept douchebag who will be gone quickly.