Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pirates Are So Cute When They Get Frustrated

We'll see if it's smart to poke a tiger in the eye. Ryan Braun was less than pleased about getting drilled in the upper back by Jeff Karstens last night after going deep in the first inning, although it is hard to blame Karstens - that's about the only place you can pitch Braun and not risk having the ball end up in the outfield seats.

Asked if Karstens drilled him intentionally, Braun said, “Probably, yeah. It’s rare for major league pitchers to miss by that much with a fastball. We play them about 17 more times (actually 13). Tell Mr. Selig, we’ll see what happens. It’s going to be interesting.”

Probably not the brightest thing that Ryan Braun has ever said - he basically just sent a memo to the Commissioner's office.

Just don't ask Parra to retaliate - it'd probably take him a couple of batters to actually hit his spot.


Anonymous said...

Have Brad Nelson hit him and hopefully he gets suspended for life for doing it.

AP said...

This seems to be the exact reason Julio is on the team.

Don't tell WV there are beanballs in baseball though......he won't stand for it.

wv23 said...

To refresh your very faulty memory, AP, here is the post in question.

You'll notice that I in no way said beanings have no place in baseball. Actually, I said "i support a good bean brawl as much or more than anyone. in fact, i'm all for it when the cardinals are involved.it just does not make an ounce of sense to do it in the eighth inning of a one-run game, 20 minutes after the cubs have lost again - giving you the opportunity to close to one game with four to play." Ned Yost was a complete dumbass for allowing that to happen in that situation.

You, on the other hand, made the argument that there is no sense of time/place appropriateness when these things happen - whether they are in the midst of a pennant run, late in a game, score tied or not. A bean brawl is a bean brawl is a bean brawl, according to you. That, of course, is poppycock.

But at least Ned Yost and the Milwaukee Brewers maintained their honor.

Jim said...

It was definitely intentional and Braun (and teammates) have/had a right to be mad. What they shouldn't have had the right to do was sacrifice an inning because of it.

Braun stood on first with a big sign that said "I'm pissed, please pick me off" while Fielder attempted to swing so hard that the ball would disintegrate on contact.

Cameron actually connected in his AB (to give you ammunition to tell me that it wasn't a sacrificed inning) but he VERY easily could have struck out as well.

I get that they're pissed - but you're only up by 2 - you can't go giving away outs.

ClownShipLollypop said...

The fact that there is no large body of water capable of sustaining a life of pillaging leads me to believe that they are Pirates of a different kind...

woziszeus said...

I agree with Jim. I was at the game last night too and couldn't believe it when Braun got picked off. He was out by 2 feet. It seemed like he was daring him to throw over, almost wanting to get out.

What was he trying to prove with those shenanigans at first base? The only way to properly retaliate after a bean ball is to open the offensive gates (which they did) and wait for a nice opportunity for Seth McClung to deposit a fastball into one of the LaRoche brother's backs. That will happen today or tomorrow.

Matt said...

Clown, well played as always.

Keith Ginter said...

Big League Stew is calling the possible retaliation

"Pulling an Obama"

I'd like to my man, big red Seth McClung take out a pirate tonite.

Anonymous said...