Friday, April 24, 2009

NBA Action, It's Faaaaan-tastic!

It would be an understatement to say the NBA is dead to Hacks reader Larry Wayne. Considering I can't answer most of these questions, I'll have to agree.

What I CAN"T tell you regarding the 2009 NBA Playoffs:

  • Who's leading each individual series?
  • If any team has been eliminated?
  • If they play a 5 or 7 game series in the first round?
  • Who's playing tonight?
  • Are Marv Albert and/or Mike Fratello still calling games?
  • Where are the games currently being televised? ESPN, TNT, NBC, ABC, Fox, Outdoor Life Channel? If I had to guess I would say TNT.
  • Who the hell are the "Thunder?" Never heard of the team until a week ago- Did they even make the playoffs? Are they up 2-0 in a series? No clue.

Things I CAN tell you regarding the 2009 NBA Playoffs:

  • Lakers made the playoffs, only because I saw it on the bottom scroll on ESPN
  • Garnett is hurt- Don't know what body part, maybe a knee, but that's a complete guess.
  • Ray Allen hit a late 3 pointer the other day or night- whatever, not sure if they won the game as a result?-or if it caused the game to go into OT, just read a blurb of it- that was unavoidable (front page headline on
  • Utah Jazz is in- only because I saw they were playing against the Lakers on the bottom scroll (If you put a gun to my head and demanded I tell you one active roster player- I would undoubtedly be dead).
  • I would assume Labron (Did I even spell his first name right?) and the Cavs made the playoffs- no clue how they are doing.
  • Haven't watched a minute, check that, second of any game. Looking forward to watching the WNBA playoffs (that is if the league still exists).


Matt said...

I can tell you that the Cavs and Pistons play Game 3 tonight on ESPN.

Because that is what the ESPN advertisement on the top of the page tells me.

paul said...

bill simmons linked this a month ago or so, not sure if anyone saw it. its an explanation (and full orchestra) playing the old nba on nbc theme.

its awesome and terrible all at once

bux said...

I know the Blazers are playing Houston in Houston tonight. I'm from Portland. That's the only reason I know. I'm a transplanted guy from So. Wisc. I dig the blog! Great shirt as well!
It's too bad the NBA is unwatchable. The Blazers aren't bad though. They actually run plays!

Ginter said...

National Bowling Association?

Larry Wayne said...

I learned that Terry Allen is getting death threats. I also learned he is on the Celtics and the Celtics are playing the Bulls.

Didnt know the benches cleared the other night either...

Anonymous said...

I know the Bucks got screwed by the refs and the NBA in general in the '01 east finals against Philly. I stopped caring about the NBA after that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could have answered any of the questions. You would think a middle aged college professional would be an idea market for the NBA to go after, like the NFL, MLB does. Truthfully I don't I'm the demographic they want.

Goldy said...

Holy crap, That Wilkens shirt used to be one of my favorite shirts when I was growing up. I wore that thing out.

garcia said...

Did Detlef Schrempf make the all-star game this year?

A.Guss said...

I know that my friends are going to the Bulls game tomorrow. KG is out, but they pay to see Ray "low blow" Allen.

That is all I know about the NBA and their playoffs.