Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Insert Joke Here

A Cubs themed cemetery. There's so many directions to go with this one...I'll let you guys roll with it.
If there was an "Todd Coffey" cemetery, I'd do it.


Anonymous said...

... and they all died without seeing the cubs win anything

... i'd rather watch a game there than the awful place that is wrigley

... they all died of boredom from reading wrigleyville23. zzzzzzzz

seriously, the whole thing is pathetic. the vast majority of cubs fans take the game of baseball way too seriously, and it shows when you see them at games and they have zero social skills. i just feel sorry for them all, wv23 included.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I'm going to rip on any cub fans right now with the dreadful pitching staff my home team is throwing out there night after night. They're lucky to get 2 decent starts every time through the rotation.