Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Bay Packers Draft

This is pretty much like playing darts blindfolded, but what the hell. Here goes.

Round 1, Pick 9 -----------------

Trade down? Certainly possible. Can’t find the link anymore, but one "NFL insider" said “Everybody in the top 10 wants to trade out…” Lets say they stay at 9:

Already Gone:
Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia
Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest
Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

Most of Ted's early picks have a couple things in common.

1) Very productive at a big college programs (Rodgers, Hawk, Harrell (oops), Jordy...)
2) They live, eat, and breathe football. You know, "football players."
3) Good character.

Thus, cross these guys off the Packers board:

Andre Smith, OT, Alabama - Dude's got titties. How dedicated can you he be if you look like this (below)? His decision to run the 40 sans-Tshirt tells you all you need to know about his intelligence. On the plus side, he's the only prospect I've ever heard who: "Looks like Jane, plays like Tarzan." And another scout said: "Just put the film in. The (expletive) guy can play football." It will be interesting to see where Smith goes.

Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss – People question if he even likes football, let alone loves it.

BJ Raji, DT, Boston College - Packer fans will be pissed if they pass on Raji. Whatever. He missed junior year because of academics and has a questionable attitude. If he turns into Haloti Ngata - my bad.

Brian Orakpo, OLB, Texas - I really don't think they pick a rush OLB in round one. These guys are too boom/bust for the top 10. None of these guys are DeMarcus Ware/Shawne Merriman types.

Everette Brown, OLB, FSU - Ditto.

Aaron Maybin, OLB, Penn St - Ditto.

It's down to these two. Both are solid "football players" who also happen to fit a need. And both have low "bust potential" according to the experts. Bustability, if you will? I may have just created a new word.

Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU - Love this guy. Perfect size for a 3-4 defensive end. Not a sack machine, but a force on the end against the run. Can move inside on 3rd and longs.

Malcolm Jenkins, CB, OSU - Again, doesn't burn up the track with a 4.3-40 or anything, but is just a straight-up football player. You want a 4.3 corner? Draft Vontae Davis and watch him smoke enough weed to fill a hot air balloon.

Round 2, #41 -------------------

Hard to pinpoint a trend in TT's 2nd rounders (Collins, Jennings , Jordy, Jackson , Brohm, Lee, Colledge). Top guy on his board. He'll grab one of these guys who slip to number 41.

Alex Mack, C, Cal
Sean Smith, CB, Utah
Larry English, OLB, Northern Illinois
Ziggy Hood, DT, Missouri
Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia
William Beatty, OT, UConn

Personally, I hope they draft the guy who can jump out of a swimming pool. A workout monster guy I work with says that's impressive no matter how much you weigh. Jarron Gilbert is a 6-5, 290 pound DE! Can he play football? Who gives a crap, he can jump out of a swimming pool!

Round 3, #73 and 83 ---------------------

At some point, Ted has to draft a WR who racked up huge numbers ( Jennings , Jones, Jordy), right? And now's a great time for an athletic project (Jermichael Finley, Aaron Rouse, Will Blackman).

Jared Dillard, WR, Rice
Chris Baker, DT, Hampton

Now I get to hear Matt say "TT essentially traded Brett Favre for Chris Baker, blah, blah, blah..." for the rest of our lives...can't wait.

Rounds 4-7 ---------------------------

Some names to keep in mind.

Zack Follett, OLB, Cal - The Cal pipeline continues...
Zach Potter, DE, Nebraska - It's a run on guys named Zach
Everette Pedescleaux, DE, Northern Iowa - Oh to hear Max McGee say this guys name...
Sammie Lee Hill, DE, Stillman - Ted attended 7 Stillman practices this year. Just kidding.



mgd mike said...

You forgot some things on this list....
Most of Ted's early picks have a in common.
1. They were hurt for part of their senior year
2. They are major projects with big risk little reward
3. They usually should not have been picked that high!
4. They usually suck!

Thanks Ted!

Gregor said...

That picture will haunt my dreams tonight, for certain.

Anonymous said...

you're out of your mind if you think they pass on Orakpo at 9. the guy is a beast and can play DE in the 4-3 or outside pass rusher in the 3-4. still, in my opinion the packers are the serious wild card in the #9 spot bc they could do a number of things including what TT probably wants to do...trade down!! i am the next mel kiper and will answer any draft questions you have!!

please note i am NOT a packers fan. therefore i believe Greg Paulus is an actual option for TT.

- Sanchez Kiper III

Anonymous said...

dont worry tho bc Orakpo won't be there at 9.

- Sanchez Kiper III

Lambeau57 said...

Yea mgd mike, Ted really does suck at drafting.

Especially those Rodgers, Jennings, Collins, Colledge, Spitz, Jolly, Blackman, Hall, Crosby, Sitton, Jones, and Jordy Nelson (What a huge character risk!)

Because if they aren't Pro Bowlers, you can't win a Super Bowl. (Nevermind that this group of players, save Sitton and Jordy, had this team a Favre pick from the Super Bowl and that the Giants had one Pro Bowler.)

But carry on.

Matt said...

Actually, Lambeau57, there is one rather important piece who isn't in Green Bay any more.

I think he finished 2nd in the MVP voting that season.

But carry on.

Anonymous said...

I really wish we still had Favre. Wait, he's done. Retired.

But barry on

wait and see said...

Brian Orakpo = Vernon Gohlston

Anonymous said...

If they keep the 9th pick, Raji is the guy. I had heard that the academic issues were actually not his fault but an error by the school. If I were TT, I would trade down and then draft the guy out of LSU. What if Crabtree is available at #9???

AP said...

Again Matt, everybody else in the NFL finished in a tie for 3rd in the MVP voting that year. The difference between #4 and Samkon Gado that year was 1 vote and about 11.5 million dollars.

The person who cast that vote should be hunted down and shot for supplying Matt with fuel for the fire for the rest of time.

Anonymous Adam said...

Its going to be an OT. TT likes his young defensive players he drafted as projects like Jeremy Thompson who would be a first day pick this year. Oher or Smith is the pick. I would love Raji or Jenkins but I don't see it happening.

Lambeau57 said...

Jesus Christ, time to stop the world to mention the great Brett Favre.

Matt said...

This is America, AP.

We don't shoot people for voting.

AP said...

I'd like us to grab a starting offensive tackle with the first or second pick, and then just load up on defense for the rest of the draft and hope that a few of them stick.

.....I would also support any draft pick that would prevent Poppinga from ever playing.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I will never drink milk again.

Anonymous said...

Thaaat's where it comes from? Beer on my Wheaties from here on out for me too.