Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Packers Schedule

On the surface, the schedule looks easier than last year. Then again, you never know in the NFL. Some stupid team like San Francisco will go 12-4. I remember after the Falcons loss in '08 Packer fans wanted to burn down Lambeau Field because, according to them, Atlanta was one of the worst NFL teams of the last decade. The Falcons finished 11-5.

The first 12 weeks look pretty manageable, then gets tough in December. 4 of the last 6 on the road, including 2 of the final 3 @ last years Super Bowl participants - Pittsburgh and Arizona..

Week 1 Chicago Bears
Week 2 Cincinnati Bengals (Gold pkg.)
Week 3 @ St. Louis Rams
Week 4 @ Minnesota Vikings
Week 5 Open Date
Week 6 Detroit Lions
Week 7 @ Cleveland Browns
Week 8 Minnesota Vikings
Week 9 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 10 Dallas Cowboys (Gold pkg.)
Week 11 San Francisco 49ers

Week 12 @ Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving)
Week 13 Baltimore Ravens
Week 14 @ Chicago Bears
Week 15 @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 16 Seattle Seahawks
Week 17 @ Arizona Cardinals


Some differing viewpoints of the schedule from Wisconsin Media.

Mike Vandermause says McCarthy should be dancing: No wonder McCarthy was excited. He should have been dancing down Lombardi Avenue, or at the very least doing cartwheels in the Atrium.

Meanwhile, Wisocnsin State Journal's Jason Wilde says the exact opposite: ...the schedule-makers didn’t do the Green Bay Packers many favors.

Greg A. Bedard sort of says both. I think: The Packers better run up the W-L record the first two months of the season because they could legitimately close 3-7.


woziszeus said...

13-3 should be a breeze.

Anonymous said...

just beat the bears both times for ME!!

- Sanchez

Anonymous said...

12-4, First Round Bye

thecobra said...

Week 13-15 toughest stretch two of there 4 losses come in that stretch.

AP said...

4 of the last 6 on the road is rough. They'd better be like 8-2 going into that part of their schedule, and judging by those teams why can't they be?

I like the Bengals, Rams, @Queens, Bye, Lions, Browns, Queens at home portion of that schedule. That's 5-1.

spanky said... the division via tiebreaker. Sweep the lions, sweep the queens, split with da bears

Anonymous said...

wow, wilde(life long bears fan) predicting gloom and doom for packers again! weird.

mgd mike said...

With all the improvments Ted Thompson has made how can you not be excited.....oh wait.......6 wins at best, Thanks Ted!

D'Amico's one good year said...

The way things are going, they'll end with more wins than the Crew...

Anonymous said...

FYI the Packers and Badgers play in the dump known has the Cities the same weekend. It's also in the Gophers new stadium.