Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where In The World Is Chuckie Hacks?

Where: MGD Mike's house
Why: Dumb question
Enjoy Hoops.

It's 3:58, 6 games have been completed and MGD Mike says: "I suck. I'm ready to throw my brackets away. Give me another beer." AWESOME!!!


woziszeus said...

What is that in the cooler? Smirnoff?

Man up Brad.

brad said...

Ha. Nice try.

puff puff give said...

you guys smoke'n?

Tim said...

I know I'm from Illinois, but it appears that you have obtained an unusually large amount of cheese for one day's consumption.

This feeling could also be one jealousy over the fact that I am stuck in an office without tv or cheese.

lofty said...

I disagree....cheddar cheese and sour cream lays, nacho cheese doritos, cheese dip, 3 blocks of cheese.....where are the cheetos? cheese balls? cheese puffs? come on.

Matt said...

Who else is feeling really great about having Memphis in the championship game of their brackets? Jesus. Nice effort, guys.

And those look like different flavored Zimas in the cooler. Brad loves him some Zima. MGD Mike must have the Miller products in another room.

brad said...

It's a combo of Zima, Smirnoff, and Bartles & James..."thank you for your support."

As for the cheese, yeah, it's a pretty solid amount. How does a nacho dorito taste dipped in salsa con queso taste? Very good, thank you very much.

garcia said...

All that just to watch the weather? WOW!! What do you pull out when it's game time?

Anonymous said...

I'd invest in a new tv for next year.