Monday, March 16, 2009

Redeeming Himself?

Woz, I know that you and Braden Looper didn't get off on the right foot this spring with the whole sneeze-rib-injury incident...well this story about his intersquad scrimmage appearance today should make you feel a little better about his toughness:

Looper was smacked near his right ear during his first inning of work on Monday at Maryvale Baseball Park. He survived that blow unscathed, and, after a mound visit with members of the athletic training staff, continued his first game action since a big league intrasquad game on Feb. 24.

"Usually, you would think getting hit in the head would slow a pitcher down," Brewers head pro scout Dick Groch said after watching Looper's outing. "But it didn't seem to affect him at all."

Sheets probably would have kept pitching after getting hit in the head in a scrimmage.

1 comment:

woziszeus said...

Let's just hope he's curtailed his violent sneezing bouts.

Whatever, lets all just pray he doesn't strain his intercostal like half the team this spring.