Thursday, March 26, 2009

Piazza And Roids

Sorry, this is a couple weeks old. Slipped through the cracks. Murry Chass wanted to write about Mike Piazza's bacne, but was denied by editors:

When steroids became a daily subject in newspaper articles I wanted to write about Piazza’s acne-covered back. I was prepared to describe it in disgusting living color. But two or three times my editors at The New York Times would not allow it. Piazza, they said, had never been accused of using steroids so I couldn’t write about it. But wait, I said, if I write about it, I will in effect be accusing Piazza of using steroids and then someone will have accused him of using steroids. No can do, I was told. I always took the veto to stem from the Times ultra conservative ways, but I also wondered if it maybe was the baseball editor, a big Mets’ fan, protecting the Mets.

That's super.


T-Witty aka Tony Witrado said...

That's just bad journalism

Nubs said...

"Times ultra conservative ways"

Come again? The Times, Ultra conservative?

This guy must make nancy pelosi look like shawn hannity.

Anonymous said...

I think he means conservative in the cautious sense, not the gay ass culture war sense.

Goldy said...

I liked this so much better when I thought the title was "Pizza and Roids"