Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Night

Love Mizzu, love 'em. 40 minutes of Hell, part II. They press the titties off the ball, play helter-skelter, rotate 11 guys in, jack up 3s....lets see what happens. Other than Pitino, I'm surprised more teams don't play this style. I could see athletic kids in high school wanting to play this way. And it works. Check out coach Mike Anderson's resume.

Boy it's nice seeing Duke get pounded. It was only a 3 point game at halftime, yet you could tell Duke would get creamed in the 2nd half. It was weird. Villanova just gets after it. Sorry for the cliche, but they looked "hungry." It's like somebody told them "if you don't win tonight, your Momma and Daddy can't eat for two weeks." Duke could barely run their offense. How about a combine 9-45 from Henderson-Scheyer-Singler.

How does that fat little PG from Pitt do it? He's like a taller Khalid El-Amin. Just makes big shot after big shot. Sorry, Nubs. Your Muskets fought the good fight, but couldn't come through. Nice team, though.

UConn beat Purdue in a game that never felt like the Boils would win. Even when they whittled the spread down to a couple, it seemed like a mere formality. Thabeet is just too big - just a beast. He should be illegal, sort of like Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl. UConn - Mizzu should be interesting. I could see Thabeet getting winded after about 2 minutes. Mizzu will win, by the way. Only 1 day to prepare for that style, and UConn doesn't have enough ball handlers against it.

Speaking of a beast, the Big East is 14-2 with Louisville and Syracuse going tonight. Other conferences:

Big-12: 10-3
Pac-10: 6-5
Big-11: 6-6
ACC: 5-6


Garcia said...

When I remember the Marquette/UConn game, Thabeet was useless because Marquette shot jumpers all day long and he never came out to defend. I think Mizzou could do the same thing.

Thabeet is also overrated. He gets away with everything down low... just ask Wes Matthews.

Uconn and Calhoun can suck Lance's other Nut, (but not the actual commenter)

Lance's Other Nut said...

5 of MU's losses have come to teams in the Elite Eight, 7 if 'Cuse and 'Ville win tonight.

How about Stanley Robinson's missed dunk, I wish he would have screamed on that one just like he did against us on EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.

Also, he owes MU for that breakout game since he has been almost unstoppable since then.

I too, would agree, that they can all suck on Lance's depleted bag though.

Rubie Q said...

Thabeet had 5 blocks vs. Marquette. Jerel and Wesley were doing their damndest to attack the hoop, but you just can't do it effectively when there's a 7'3" patrolling the lane.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Marquette sucks probably had something to do with it too.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Big 12 has overachieved in this tourney....

Yep, MU sucks. 2nd most wins in the Big East since since the realignment as well as the only team to win 10+ conference games each year along with PITT. Absolutely. Terrible.

And before you say 2-4 in the NCAA's, imagine if Crean gave McNeal, Matthews, and James someone other than Heyward (who is playing out of position at the 4) for the front court. Hell, give us Seton Hall's or Rutgers front

Truth is, that team was picked by many to be a doormat in the Big East, which never came close to happening. They are/were a great foundation for the MU program

garcia said...

Thank you Trevor Mbakwe for jetting and the frosh phenom who chose Kansa over Marquette... this could have been a great team

I will say, I am not like most of the rest of you that either hate or love Marquette/Wisconsin ... I love both teams. I would rather see any team from wisconsin win than anyone else... well, maybe except the Bucks, but they're a JUCO team.