Monday, March 16, 2009

Have We Got Any Other Blueprints Around Here?

This confuses me (from a story from San Francisco saying that Macha's experience with the A's is a blueprint for success in Milwaukee):

"Well, young guys developed in Oakland, and (pitching coach) Curt Young did a great job with those guys," Macha said. "(Rich) Harden got better. Dan Haren developed into a big-league pitcher. That year, (Joe) Blanton had double-digit wins. At that time, you wouldn't have considered Haren a No. 1 starter or even (Barry) Zito, and Zito was the lead guy.

"We've got some younger kids here. If (Manny) Parra and (Yovani) Gallardo develop like a Haren and Blanton, and if Jeff Suppan pitches like Zito that year, and if David Bush can do a Rich Harden, then we're looking pretty good."

Let me get this straight.

Manny Parra --> Dan Haren (um, sounds great!)
Yovani Gallardo --> Joe Blanton (a mediocre innings-eater? super!)
Jeff Suppan --> Barry Zito (Zito "that year" [2005] - 14-13, 3.86 ERA - sounds reasonable!)
Dave Bush --> Rich Harden (does "do a Rich Harden" mean pitch lights out for 8 starts, then get hurt? That's not really Bush's M.O., but....I'm buying it!)

On second thought, maybe the A's aren't the right blueprint for the Brewers.


woziszeus said...

I'm buying it.

Bush for CY Young this year...I'm telling you.

rex jaybles said...

And if Weeks can play like (Rickey) Henderson....and if Hall can play like (Carney) Lansford...

Who wants to be Storm Davis?