Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hacking On 2-0

We started a weekly column over at the Sports Bubbler. Our debut column broke down a few of the lower seeds in the Big Dance. Hope you enjoy it. Here's a sample.

West Regional

#16 Seed: Chattanooga (18-16)

Conference: Southern Conference. Not to be confused with the Big South, Southland, Southeast, or Southwest Athletic Conferences.

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Nickname: Mocs

Famous Alums: Who knew UT-Chattanooga produced TV legends? Both Hugh Beaumont (Ward Cleaver) and Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) were Mocs. Oh, and Terrell Owens is pretty famous. Just ask him.

Early Xmas Gift: At 18-16, why the hell aren’t the Mocs in the Play-In game?

Can They Win? No chance: UConn 218, Chattanooga 35.


Not so anonymous Jake said...

The Mocs received no gift. They actually beat a legitamite Division 1 basketball team in non-conference play (Niagara). Alabama State however only beat D1 independent Houston Baptist in non-conference play. The SWAC is the worst conference in college basketball year in and year out.

Nubs said...

Seth Davis gives them the best chance of any to beat a number 1. He said it won't happen but this is the strongest 16 seed. Their top guy was injured early and they had a few losses they shouldn't have. Now they are playing good ball.