Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Georgetown Collapse is Complete

They lost in the first round of the Big East Tournament to St Johns. The Hoyas started out 10-1 beating Memphis and UConn at UConn...only to go 6-13 along the way. Spectacular.

In other Big East action - DePaul gets their first conference win of the year, beating Cinci. That would be Tournament hopeful Cinci. Enjoy the NIT, Bearcats.


ToddFabos said...

Gay topic! Gay. I'd write more but I'm on my way to the O.A.R. Concert, that means Of A Revolution, Not oar

Internet said...

Oh look who's back, the Milwaukee area (West Bend to be precise) resident douche bag. I wish I had the time in my life to create dozens of blogger profiles and flame folks on the intertubes. It must be a huge reward in life to be a complete asshat anonymously.