Sunday, March 22, 2009

GCHO Sweet 16 Update and Other Thoughts

Rough day for Wisconsin teams in Boise today. The Badgers just can't shoot with a lick and lose to Xavier. At least they were not up 6 with 4 minutes to go and pissed it away. Based on how the season went, I was fully expecting that was how it was going to end for the Badgers. In a rough close to his career, Joe Krabbenhoft fouled out and scored no points. I was always expecting more out of this guy. Landry was a decent scorer and solid on the inside, but just not a guy who could carry a team. In a down year and in the worst season of the Bo Ryan era, I'll take the one tourney win and move on to trying to figure out who the heck is going to score next year. Honestly, Nankivil might be the big scorer. He has some momentum going in to the off-season. The same can't be said for Luer. What a brutal close to the season for him. Can we get Vander Blue in next year? Do we have to wait until 2010-2011?

Meanwhile, Marquette just isn't that good and loses to Mizzou but finds things to cry about anyway. Said Buzz Williams after the game: "I thought what we had designed would give us a fairly good chance," Marquette coach Buzz Williams said of the play after the Golden Eagles had fallen behind by two. "But they said Lazar stepped over the line. I didn't have the perspective."

Buzz, I wouldn't go with "they said", I would would just leave out the first three words of that last sentence and look at the tape and realize about a quarter of his foot was over the end line. As Matt said, the was a Tim Jarmusz-esq play. Marquette was also comlaining about Mizzou brining in a different FT shooter at the end. Honestly, I would be happy to see the opposign team have to bringing a guy who hardly played in the second half and was a worse FT shooter than the guy fouled.

Tough way to go out for Marquette. Again, I would like to salute this glorious senior class and their zero conference titles and two NCAA Touney wins over the past 4 years.

In other news, adding Brian Roberts to the Team USA roster seems to be paying off.

On to the Greater Chuckie Hacks Open. We are through 2 rounds and nobody has lost their champion as of yet.
  • Much like after the First Round, Jonathan Ottman is in the lead with the most games correct (41 out of 48) and now also leads the best possible score category (220).
  • Behind Jonathan we have Craig Becker with 40 correct picks and 218 possible points and Doodie Pie with 39 correct and 216 possible points.
  • Several players are still in the running with 13 contestants having a possible score of 210 or greater and an additional 20 between 200 and 208.
  • As far as the Hackers go, Goldy is leading the way with 38 games picked correctly and 214 possible points. Woz is next with 37 correct picks and 208 possible points followed by Matt with 36 correct and 200 possible points. Brad has 31 games picked correctly and 164 total points.
  • Again, full GCHO standings can be viewed here.
I'll provide an update prior to the Elite 8. Have a good week. The home opener is fast approaching, so we have that to look forward to.Look for Chuckie Hacks to start returning to its baseball roots over the next few weeks.


Goldy said...

Let me rescind that Brian Roberts thought a bit.

Brad said...

MU sure did a good job pissing that one away. One f-ing board they didn't get. DAMMIT! Well, at least they broke 49 points. And it's nice to see Goldy breaking down Marquette more than he did Wisconsin. Converting, are we?

For those scoring at home, Sweet 16 Teams:
Big East - 5
Big-11 - 2

I know, shocking. No wonder why Marquette doesn't win conference titles...because they play in a good conference.

Todd said...

Lack of conference titles aside, they still never got to the sweet 16. Wins vs. a freefalling Kentucky team and Utah State in the tourney. Nothing to get excited about.

brad said...

Todd - I agree. The Mizzu and Stanford games were heartbreakers, no doubt.

Goldy said...

If by converting you mean "At a Catholic mass during the second half of the Marquette game only to leave and hear Homer and McIlvaine cry about the last 6 seconds on the radio" then yes I have converted.

Anonymous said...

As Matt said, the was a Tim Jarmusz-esq play.

I would I like to know when Tim Jarmusz EVER makes a bone head play. He is a SOLID BBALL PLAYER, DON'T YOU DARE PUT HIM IN THAT CATEGORY.

Goldy said...

I would talk to Matt about that. I am fine with Jarmusz, Matt on the other hand, not so much. I think Matt's thoughts on Jarmusz are similar to mine about Chris Barnwell.

Matt said...

This year, I've seen Jarmusz take a 5-second call trying to inbound the ball, and I've seen him lob a lazy up-for-grabs inbounds pass from under his basket to midcourt, which was deflected and turned into a breakaway layup for the other team (I think it was the Purdue game at home).

So yes, I could see Jarmusz stepping over the endline trying to inbound the ball, which would give him the career Triple Crown of stupid inbounds plays.

Matt said...

Check that - it was during the Ohio St. game at home.

That was a bonehead play.

Keith Ginter said...

What kind of scoring you guys use?

First Round 1 point
Second Round 2 points
Third Round 4 points
Fourth Round 8 points
Semis 16 points
Championship 32 points

Max. Possible 192 points


thecobra said...

As a frame of reference they won a wopping total of 1 conference titles in Conference USA. There lack of quality play has nothing to do with it.

Nubs said...

Cobra hate to say wrong but that was 2003, not these seniors.

Anyone ready for MU Women's NIT title defense run beginning tonight at the Al against Butler?

Didn't think so.

I'll be there

Anonymous said...

Can we hear the sweet sound of Nubs on the radio tonight?

thecobra said...

Was my sarcasm lost in the fact that this is a blog and not a bar conversation. I was making reference to the fact that even in a less powerful conference (note me avoiding the word weaker) they have lacked conference titles so saying "they don't win conference titles is due to there strength of conference" is a weak statement. They haven't been strong in any conference. I believe there running tally is some where near ten different conferences.

garcia said...

In other news...

The Brewers have announced they are forfeiting their opening game against San Fransisco. Since the Crew could not handle the mighty Giants' offense in Spring training, which included West Bend native Ryan Rohlinger's 2 jacks in 2 different games, they have decided to throw Jeff Suppan on the mound for their opening game.

Nubs said...

Yes, The greater Milwaukee airwaves were blessed with the sweet sounds of MU women's NIT action last night.

And they pulled out a nice win against Butler. Next up Thursday winner of Il. St and La Tech