Friday, March 20, 2009

GCHO First Round Update and Seth Davis is a Furburger

Well, one of the most boring first two days of the NCAA tourney is in the books and it took until the last two games of the night to bring the excitement we come to expect in March. It also took the last round of games to see the first real upset in Cleveland State's thrashing of Wake.

I could go on and on about the Badger game. I think Badger fans were owed that one after some of the games the team pissed away during the season. I still don't enjoy watching this team, but it was a sweet win. So many great elements to that win. Most underrated: Landry and Nankivil playing the last 15 minutes with 4 fouls and Bo going to the 3 guard attack.

As for Seth Davis, at the half after they showed the Wisconsin/FSU highlights, Seth said something along the lines of, "I see Florida State easily pulling away with this one in the second half." Suck it Seth.

I would also like to congratulate Marquette's vaunted senior class on their second ever NCAA Tournament win.

Outside of some of the lackluster games, a solid two days of taking off work and watching basketball. Day one involved a bar and way to much Red Bull and Vodka consumption by those in my group. Never a good thing when those start coming out at halftime of the first set of games. Not really sure where the time went, but at one point I looked outside and realized it had gotten dark out. Also not the best idea to only eat once when you are on a 13 hour drinking march. On the plus side, we had a direct line to the Vegas books in the form of a buddy's parents, so that worked out well, especially in the form of the Illinois-WKU gimmie. Day 2 was a much calmer affair and involved some frozen pizzas, a friends living room and way to much water and Pepsi as opposed to booze. Good Times!

On to the GCHO. Day 2 was much more unkind to everyone than Day 1.
  • Jonathan Ottman stands alone in first place after having picked 28 of the 32 first round games correctly.
  • Craig Becker and Jared Blohm make up the second place duo with 27 games correctly picked.
  • We also have a handful of people at 26 and 25 games.
  • Everyone still has their predicted champion still alive, meaning no one picked Wake to win it all.
  • David Handley picked 25 games right so far and has the best possible remaining score at 226. Aloha Mr. Hand!
  • Mr. Ottman and an entry by the name of "Doodie Pie" have a possible 224 points still on the table.
  • 2008 champ Rich Hager had a solid first round with 25 games correctly picked. 2007 champ Paul Wambold checks in with 23 wins.
  • On the bottom end we have Jim Morrell and long time comment leaver AP with only 19 wins.
  • However, the lowest possible "Best Score" belongs to none other than Brad with 176 possible total points and 23 wins.
  • For the other Hackers, Woz has 26 correct and 220 total points, Goldy is at 25 correct and 222 possible points and Matt checks in at 25 correct and 214 possible points.
  • Full GCHO standings can be viewed here.
Best of luck this weekend and have fun watching basketball!


brad said...

I'd like to congratulate Bo for finally beating a better seeded team. Now a stellar 1-7.

Anonymous said...

Suck it Brad. Not that the win was even needed, but I'm glad to see the Badgers make everyone who said they should be in the NIT look like complete douchebags. Stay off the bandwagon.

Matt said...

Brad put a bit too much stock in the ACC in his brackets, evidently.

Matt said...

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz would like to thank God for the opportunity to play Missouri in Round 2 of the NCAA tournament.

The Lord has blessed him, and Buzz hopes He will not forsake him on Sunday.

brad said...

Blessed to play Mizzu? You mean from the 6-0 Big-12? Blessed would be playing Xavier.

Matt said...

You missed my point. I wasn't comparing Xavier to Missouri.

Buzz is on the God Squad. Team Jesus.

The Lord has forsaken Marquette, apparently, and Lazar Hayward's brain.

Nubs said...

wooooooh there what is with the Xavier bashing? Brad is left over hostilities from your D1 v. D3 driveway contests? UW/ XU vs. UWEC and others?

Side note: We need to get an ol' D1/D3 game on the books again. Good times. I think the last one was at my house circa 2003?