Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun With Commenters

We love to pick on the anonymous brain surgeons who like to share their wit on the internet for all to see. There's a good one in this story about prospect Lorenzo Cain.

First, the context:

Veteran Brewers center fielder Mike Cameron made sure the new guy knew his place.

Cameron swiped a personalized Nike undershirt that belonged to newcomer Lorenzo Cain, a 22-year-old outfielder who has shot toward the top of Milwaukee's prospect list, and paraded it around the big league clubhouse at Maryvale Baseball Park on Thursday morning. The shirt was similar to the one worn by every player, except Cain's was emblazoned in big gold letters with, "LO CAIN," above the word, "MILWAUKEE."

"If this makes you feel like you've been playing for a long time," chided Cameron, who has made due with standard-issue gear, "then by all means, do it."

Then the comment:

D*ck move by Cameron. Hey Cameron , you big league snob. How many teams have you played for in your career? Like a dozen? Acting like your hot stuff. Thats funny. most teams put you on the roster they realize you must need glasses because of your strikeout #'s then ship u off somewhere else. What ... were u gold glove in like 1987 or something? Leave the young guy alone you tard.

Sounds like somebody is a bit scarred from being a frequent victim of wedgies and bubbler rides in grade school...relax chief. And work on your grammar. And your spelling. Hell, just work on not being so dumb.


woziszeus said...

Sounds like typically clubhouse hi-jinks to me.

The poor commenter must have gotten picked on a little in high school.

commenter said...

Commenters are great

Todd said...

He seems awfully plugged into the Brewers though, pegging down Cammy's 1987 Gold Glove award.