Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chuckie Hacks plays Summerfest!

Note: Dan over at the Sports Bubbler posed the following question to us. "If you were a cover band and were playing at Summerfest, what songs would you play?" We were given an 18-son set list and 3 encore songs. I took on this task for us at Chuckie Hacks. Unfortunately work got in the way of me getting this out in a timely manner. Several other blogs were able to follow directions properly. Below is my set list.

Well, it has finally happened. The great southeast Wisconsin cover band/sports blog Chuckie Hacks has secured a nice Friday afternoon gig at the Potawatomi Stage at Summerfest. It should be interesting with Goldy on vocals, Matt on guitar, Brad on bass and Woz on drums.

For this gig, the band let the lead singer pick the set list. Since this is Summerfest and we are a cover band, we need to play stuff that people know and won’t find too depressing or obnoxious. While I would love to play some Bad Religion, Bloc Party, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, MGMT or a whole White Stripes album, I don't think a bunch of drunk people in tank tops and jean shorts from Burlington want to hear that. Likewise, we will avoid the Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison, etc. tunes that I am sure many Summerfest-goers would like to hear because I don't want to play that crap. While these songs have their time and place, Chuckie Hacks will not be playing them. Below is a list of songs that I like, or can at least tolerate, that Chuckie Hacks will be playing at Summerfest this year.

Entrance: We will take the stage with the Eastern Motors jingle playing in the background. Best commercial jingle ever. During times like these, everyone could use such sage advice as “Your job’s your credit!” We will also have a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man on each side of the stage. We picked them up at Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse on Route 2 in Weekapaug.

  1. Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand: Great song. The 2004 Kansas Jayhawk football team entered the stadium with this song playing and they finished 4-7 that year. That seems like the appropriate amount of inspiration to kick off our set.
  2. Thunderstuck – AC/DC: We will keep the energy going with Thunderstruck, a decent AC/DC song with a great opening. The highlight here is that this song reminds me of 15 minutes of pure cinematic gold from the movie “Varsity Blues” These is a 15-minute span in the middle of the movie where we go from Ali Larter’s whip cream bikini to the guys going to a strip club where their teacher is a dancer (“A Ten!!!) to the getting it handed to them during their next game (with Thunderstruck playing) to the Dawson’s great line spoken in an awful Texas accent to his father, “I do not want your life.” Pure cinematic gold.
  3. Fell in Love With a Girl - The White Stripes: Best Lego video ever. I love The White Stripes. One of the best concerts I have ever been to. I wouldn't say this is my favorite White Stripes song, but a good one for a Summerfest crowd. I am pretty sure that given 5 minutes, I could play the drums on this song.
  4. Say it ain't So - Weezer: After rocking it out to start the show, we reign it in with a more chill song. This song makes me want to grab a beer and sit on my back patio and listen to baseball on the radio. It was hard to pick which Weezer song I wanted to throw on here. Granted, my choices were limited to the blue album and Pinkerton, such they started to blow after Rivers went crazy, but The Greatest Man That Ever Lived song is pretty kick ass.
  5. Asia/Toto medley ("Africa", "Heat of the Moment", "Hold the Line", "Only Time Will Tell"): These songs take me back to when I was like 5 years old. I am pretty sure Toto and Asia may be the same band. Hell, these may even be the same songs, kind of like Peal Jam's "Footsteps" and Temple of the Dog's "Times of Trouble". Woz is hoping some 40-year old broad flashes us during this song. I thing we also need to add a synthesizer for some of this crap. I have an old Casio keyboard.
  6. Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison: I think this song may have been played at every house party I went to my Sophomore year of college, including the ones we hosted. Completely Craptastic. It was an awful song, with a goofy English accent, but it had a decent beat and the ladies loved it. I am pretty sure I ordered this CD from BMG.
  7. How Do U Want It - 2Pac: We now reach the rap portion of our gig. I'm from Racine, it has to be done. Several good 2Pac songs to choose from, but I'll go with this one. Personally, I like the B-side to this single better, Hit 'em Up. Again, flashback to 1997, my sophomore year in college. Imagine an apartment with 5 white dudes singing this song line for line while drinking Special Ex Light or whatever the chicks who lived next to us were willing to buy us at the Open Pantry below our aprtment. Great times in Madison. Getting back to How Do You Want It, I am pretty sure that with all our proceeds from Chuckie Hacks t-shirt sales, we might actually be able to bring in K-Ci and Jojo to sing back up on this song.
  8. Regulate - Warren G and Nate Dogg: Greatest rap ever. Made even better since it has a Michael McDonald song as the backing track and takes a line from Young Guns. If the fuse for your radio in your car blows out, just sing this song with a buddy on your drive to high school.
  9. Paule Revere - Beastie Boys: Just so we can sing, "I did her with a wiffle ball bat." My 9-year-old self wasn't quite sure what this was all about, but I did own wiffle ball bats, so I could relate. The Beasties would be my second favorite group of all time. If I had to pick a song I would go with "Pass the Mic" but I imagine most of the crowd would not enjoy that one as much.
  10. Boyz in da Hood - Eazy-E: And not that alt-country version, we are talking the full fledged 8-minute long Eazy E version. Again, I would prefer to go with "Gimme dat Nutt", a driving through Iowa City staple, but I don't think the crowd or Summerfest management would like that one.
  11. Story of my Life - Social Distortion: Ok, we will go away from the rap portion of the show and bring it back down with some Social D, a band I am probably listening to more than anything else right now. Just a great song.
  12. American Music - Violent Femmes: We are at Summerfest, so we would be remiss if we didn't play the Femmes or the BoDeans. I dislike the BoDeans, so the Femmes it is. Solid song that is good to bowl to.
  13. Dammit - Blink 182: Yah the music can be simplistic and songs can sound alike, but there was probably a span of about three years after undergrad where there was always a Blink cd in my car. Good song because we have all been there before.
  14. Killing the Name Of - Rage Against the Machine: I always wanted to lead a large group chanting "Fuck you I wont do what you tell me!" Good Times! This song also makes me want to punch a brick wall.
  15. Bring the Noise - Public Enemy/Anthrax: The version with Anthrax was a big hit on MTV in 1991. My 14 year old self was awed by this song. I was split between watching Headbangers Ball and Yo! MTV Raps, so this song pulled everything together perfectly. I am expecting a mosh pit during this song. Hopefully some topless chicks as well.
  16. Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash: Why? Because this song is awesome. "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die". Can't beat that. However, I think I would sing the angry version that Joquin Phoenix sang in "Walk the Line" when the recording studio guy told him his church hymns sucked.
  17. Afternoon Delight (acapella)- Anchorman cast: I know this song was sung by somebody in the '70's but if you are our age, you know it from one source, Anchorman. I am pretty sure this song was sung at least 600 times during one Vegas trip by various people in our group, complete with sound effects. "Sounds like you have mental problems, man". Side note, I highly suggest you check out Full of Will Ferrell stuff.
  18. One - Metallica: This video scared the living crap out of my 12 year-old self. It wasn't so much the guy that had his arms and legs and face blown off, It was the fact that James Hetfield looked like some deranged Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz in this video. Has anyone ever tried to link up "And Justice for All..." with that movie? Anyhow, that song is pure balls. If I listened to One and Welcome Home (Sanitarium) back to back, I may explode.
Encore: That's right, they want more of this magic.
  1. Best Around - Karate Kid: Approximately one-third of the audience will have no clue what this song is. On-third will know they have heard it from some 80's movie, but not be able to place it. The other third will think we are the coolest fucking cover band in the world. No Brewers tailgate would be complete without this Joe "Bean" Esposito classic. A great way to kick off the encore. "Daniel LaRusso will fight!"
  2. Baba O'Riley - The Who: Who doesn't love yelling "They're all wasted!" Sounds like much of the Summerfest crowd. Again just a great song that you can really get in to. Fortunately, I don't have to fight for my meals. Unfortunately, I think Pat Benatar stole the opening electronic riff and used it in "We Belong". Ugh
  3. Alive - Pearl Jam: Best band ever. At least in my lifetime. I can probably come up with 15 PJ songs I like better than Alive, but this is the song you sing to leve a crowd wanting more. Our version encludes the Mike McCreedy solos putting the song at a solid 8 minutes long. Much like Eddie did in the video, I will be climbing the scaffolding and jumping into the crowd. I'll pick out a fat person to cushion the blow. Great times. Thank you Milwaukee!


bruthie said...

carrieti87 and frogger 6 are lovers

Anonymous said...

could that set list be any more cliche?

Anonymous said...

return of the mack is NOT craptastic!! best song ever!!haha

garcia said...

The first thing I thought of was anything Rage Against the Machine...

Other choices would be the obvious Bulls on Parade or Guerilla Radio. Two great songs to get the crowd and band amped up!

the Camino said...

Shit, If I knew it was going to be taht kinda party I would have stuck my dick in the mash potatoes.

I like it Goldy. Nice work having def leppard lead guitarist on stage with you I mean Matt on guitar.

Tim said...

Since you were able to work in an Asia/Toto medley, would it be possible to sneak in a little bit of "Girls" into "Paul Revere?" There would be that moment where everyone in the crowd is confused because the song doesn't sound quite right, and then sheer bliss when they realize what had just happened. Not to mention, the sound of 18,000 people jumping up and screaming "GIRLS" about 100 times would definitely lead to flashing.

AP said...

If given 10 minutes, you could learn all of the drums to every White Stripes song ever. That chick knows like one beat.

Good list. I'm sure DW at the Bubbler approves of many of these. Of course, his taste is suspect.

Nubs said...

WOW, nice backhanded compliment from AP

Matt said...

I would have had Apache on there.

Also some Journey and Boston. Because Goldy can hit the high notes.

AP said...

No, no backhand, it is a solid list. I like the theme change in the middle to the rap stuff. It's an Epic set. When you come out for the Esposito encore you guys should be wearing Cobra Kai Kimonos.

Looking at it again, I see how it could be taken like I'm ripping on it, but I don't mean it like that.

Weezer made like 4 of the lists. Pinkerton rules. I think it was Rolling Stone or something that voted Pinkerton the worst album of 1996. Just, wrong.

jnizzle said...

Why dont you guys play at Summerfest.....Your shit is probably better than some of the daytime garbage the FEST pumps out when the ppl are at work or passed out. If you need some extra vocals, a steel drum, or a mascot, the BTB is in. I could be a roadie.

Goldy said...

Thanks for all the comments. This was a fun, but challenging exercise. It took me about two hours to complete this and honestly, it could have taken me a lot more. I am sure if I did this 10 times, there would hardly be an overlap on the songs I choose. So many random songs to choose from. The problem is, based on the premise I was going under, I was limited to songs I thought people would know. There were tons of other songs I would have liked to pick, but when you and 5 other people like the song, it might not go over well in a cover band setting.

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