Friday, February 6, 2009

Stanley, Wisconsin Is Beautiful This Time Of Year...

Yesterday's pic of the day was Dave Redding:

Who happens to look eererly similar to Jagr's co-worker:

Jagr's co-worker is an ol' boy from Northern Wisconsin who uses phrases like:

"Colder than a well-digger's ass"
"That guy is sooo tight he could squeeze shit out of a buffalo nickle"
"Slicker than snot on a hoe handle"

...and other one-liners that make you laugh like crazy - even if you have no idea what they mean. Also, he smokes Kool cigs and pounds Coors Light by the case. So, its officially confirmed..these guys are indeed long lost brothers. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

Doot doot doot

doo doo doo doo

Cold! Blooded! Murder!

Anonymous said...

He smokes Kools? Is he gangbanger?