Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oil Can Boyd Thinks He's Satchel Paige

Remember Oil Can Boyd? The guy with the cool name back when you collected baseball cards...like 22 years ago? He wants to pitch again. He's 49. Nah, not Wii baseball. Not the Land O' Lakes League. Not even for the St Paul Saints. He thinks he can still pitch in the Big Leagues. Good luck with that. Don't burn down the stadium.


rex jaybels said...

"I am The Can, and I am going to come right at you with my best shit, and if you can hit it, I want to see how far Bo Jackson can hit The Oil Can."

-Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, Boston Red Sox Pitcher, to Bo Jackson before Jackson hit his first pitch over the 71-foot high score board in straight away center field at Fenway Park. (The ball landed 515 feet from home plate).

The Can.

Bo Jackson's Hip said...


garcia said...

Can we save that photo to use on Gagne in a Pre-season game?

brad said...