Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lawrie Decides That He's a Second Baseman

Interesting tidbit from Spring Training today.

Brett Lawrie, who has yet to find an international tournament that he didn't want to play in, has decided that he'd like to be a second baseman now. It seems that he thinks 2B is the path of least resistance to the big leagues.

"To be truthful, I think I can get to the big leagues quicker at second base," he said. "There's a lot more work to be done as a catcher. It could take an extra year to get to the big leagues. That's not really the road I want to go down. Nothing against catching, I love it and everything, but I love second base and the infield, too."

He clearly hasn't read the stories about Rickie Weeks breaking out this year. Or last year.

It was also interesting that Tom Haudricourt had to thank JS Blog commenter "Yoshii8" for the tip on Lawrie switching positions. Good times.


woziszeus said...

I'm starting to develop a small amount of dislike for this guy.

Of course, all will be forgiven if he Ryan Braun's his first year in the bigs...so we'll see.

D'Amico's one good year said...

If his bats good enough,he'll get moved eventually anyway.

I wonder if they'll have him switch in Appleton? That could lead to some fun afternoons in my first-base season tickets. My wife already's been hit by a few errantly thrown balls. Ha!

Matt said...

I'm told that Lawrie also loves lamp.

Nubs said...

He looks so good at second he makes Rickey Weeks look like a hobo

D'Amico's one good year said...
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D'Amico's one good year said...

Years later, a doctor will tell Lawrie that he has an I.Q. of 48 and is what some people call "mentally retarded".

God i love that movie.

Where's Travis? said...

Does your wife remember when I dangled my balls on her chin?

D'Amico's one good year said...

No, but your sister remembers when you did, you sick, incestuous fuck!