Monday, February 23, 2009

For the last time and then I'll let it go

This weekend I picked up the Brewers' DVD that everyone who went to Game 3 of the NLDS received a voucher for. It was about a half hour long. Decent, nothing too exciting, but for free, I can't complain. The fact they did have comments from Anthony Witardo brought down the quality a bit.

Anyhow, there was a segment where they discussed how the fans voted Corey Hart into the All Star game. I just reminded me what a douche canoe he is and almost ruined my viewing experience. I know it's out there that I can't stand the guy and I feel like I have beaten this one into the ground, so I am going to do my best to not bring up my dislike for him any more. However, I just needed to make this post to let it go.


Anonymous said...

i have a copy of the dvd. i think its pretty solid, it has the whole last game of the year when the clinched against the cubs, and you can go to each half inning

Goldy said...

I agree, the game is cool,but I thought the documentary was going to be a little more in depth. It was a great review of the season, but I would have liked a couple shots of the walk-off homers in St. Louis!

Todd said...

I can't believe that The Doorman was featured twice.

That thing should have started off with the photo of LaVodka and Duncan slouched over in the dugout trying to come to grasps with how Ned Yost was consistently playing for the long ball with such pinpoint precision vs. their Cards team.

jnizzle said...


I equally agree about the doucheness of Corey Hart....I wrote a piece on the BTB regarding Trot Nixon being more effective than this douche. Somebody told me his kid was dying last year though? Any thoughts?

Goldy said...

Well, if that is the case, then I am a huge ass. I have heard some theories as well, but not that one.