Monday, February 9, 2009

Doug Melvin = Roid Promoter

Well, maybe not but it's weird all the roiders/suspected roiders who played under Melvin. That entire Texas squad was literally a chemical lab: A-Rod, Juan Gonzalez, Raffy Palmiero, Pudge Rodriguez, Bradley Fullmer, Jose Canseco, Lee Stevens, etc. Check out Kevin Elster's numbers in Texas. SWEET JESUS!

Then in Milwaukee, he picks up Derrick Turnbow and signs Eric Gagne. Nuff said.

Who's our GM? Doug Melvin or Victor Conte?

PS - Doug, I'm totally fine with giving Yo some juice so he stays healthy this year. Thanks.


wv23 said...

what about cameron? wasn't he suspended for the first month last year for banned substances?

Brad said...

Point noted, WV