Friday, February 20, 2009

Cecil Talks Prince

The Cecil/Prince non-relationship has been well documented. Larry Wayne caught an interview with Daddy Fielder on the MLB Network last night. Here’s a quick recap:

It was funny, they showed Princeton when he was a fat little 6 year old walking in the dugout with his dad, then they showed him when he was an even fatter teenager raking in the batting cages.

Cecil said they will be OK in time, still not on speaking terms.

He was asked if Prince was better than him, he said “No….well he can run better than I did.” Cecil was pretty sure he was better.

Cecil talked about watching Princeton on TV. wanting to call him up and give him tips or suggestions if/when he is slumping.

Showed the highlight of his moose shot off Daniel Plesac that left County Stadium in 1991 (which by the way I was at). Didn’t want to comment on that too much. Said Sparky Anderson was giving him sh_t about "oh not you up at the plate again" ( must have been slumping or something). Took Daniel’s first pitch out of the park- was still respectful to Plesacl and not wanting to show him up. Said he caught him on the ladder part of his career after he lost a few mph of his fast ball

Talked a little about steroids - they showed some stat from say 1991-95?(not exactly sure on year span) he led the league in homers; ahead of losers like Barry and Camminiti. Said it was funny that only he and Canseco were drilling homers left and right...then all the sudden "guys like Brady Anderson are hitting 50 homers."

Thanks Larry Wayne.


ArmChairGM said...

I liked how Cecil failed to metion all the money he took from Prince as being a possible reason Prince wants nothing to do with him right now.

Anonymous said...

Plesac pitched on a ladder? No wonder Cecil took him deep. Or were we talking the latter part of his career?