Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Garbage

Reading about the NFL Hall of Fame candidates. Cortez Kennedy was 1992 NFL defensive player of the year when the Seahawks went 2-14! Now THAT'S impressive.

Shouldn't Magic Johnson be dead by now?

Marquette - Notre Dame on primetime tonight. I like it! Run and gun, baby. Harangody with 30 and 14. Hate to say it, but Dom James has actually turned into a point guard! No, really, he has. It only took 3.5 years, but he finally figured out its better if he distributes the ball, plays great D, and doesn't shoot. Kudos, Dom! It is primetime tonight, so he could easily revert back to Bad Dom.

Did the NBA fold yet?

More MLB Network Love: Watching that nightly show a few days ago and they started the first half hour talking about these teams - Twins, Braves, A's, Orioles, ChiSox, and Tigers. Yep, 30 minutes in and not one mention of the Yankess, Red Sox, or Mets. You hear that, ESPN???

For the third time, I've heard someone say Ueck is an A-Hole at autograph sessions. What's with that? Anybody experience this?

Bucky = NIT

Super Bowl - Steelers 30, Cards 21


WizzyConsin said...

I used to work the GMO and one year sat behind a green with a control pad to send in each players scores as they completed the hole to update to leaderboard. I was being trained on it durin gthe pro-am and Brett Favre and Uecker were teamed up and they were both rather pleasant and autographed my GMO hat. However, I can see on-the-golf-course Uecker being different than a forced-to-autograph Uecker. I was also probably about 14 at the time.

Anonymous said...

Uecker was awful at the On Deck event. People paid big $ for his auto and he'd only sign the headshots he had with him, and he was just pre-signing them so you had to just pick one up off the table as you were quickly escorted away from the table. No eye contact, no smiles, no talking. Class A dick.

thecobra said...

Glad I stood in line for Yo instead. I saw Braun was pretty classy and signed for an extra 45 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I've heard horrible things about Uecker as well. High maintenance as all hell.

Ran into Ryan Braun at Summerfest last year. Chatted with him for a few minutes. Hell of a guy.

Tim said...

When I was in forth or fifth grade, I literally ran into Uecker in the parking lot after a game. He was hauling ass to his car and ran into me. He didn't even stop to say "hi." This was at the height of his Mr. Belvedere fame, so you can't really blame him for being such a pompous ass. I remember thinking that his face was really, really red. Looking back, I bet he was shitfaced.