Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mike Hunt, Blogger

Well, folks, Christmas has come late (or early?) in January.

Mike Hunt has started to blog. I'll let his first post wash over you, in full:

There are only two downsides to writing a 600-word sports column that appears four times a week in the newspaper.

It's 600 words. And it runs four times a week.

Occasionally, that's not enough words and not enough times to feed the 800-pound gorilla relentlessly gnawing on the 24-hour news cycle.

So welcome to Extra Points, where the stuff that falls through the cracks will be collected in a gently used Brewers clubhouse spittoon, filtered, sorted and sporadically presented in a semi-readable format.

We'll talk about the usual suspects and issues, at least the timely stuff I can't fit into the column. [Ed: Is Mike using the royal "we" in this thing?] We'll talk about the influence of sports on movies, books, music and culture in general. We'll talk about some pretty cool stuff I see along the road. But most of all we'll try to capture the spirit of the thing, whatever that thing might be, sort of like my man Dickie Dunn.

And as the spirit moves, we'll discuss things that might not have an immediate connection to sports. But trust us, connect they will. [Ed: Us?] For example, we'll eventually get around to talking about a song I heard on my favoite [sic] radio station the other day that managed to get "Milwaukee" and "Harvey Haddix" into the first two lines.

The intenion is to never be too serious, although we might encroach upon something approaching gravity should the need arise. If someone needs propping up or a kick in the seat, we'll try and accommodate.

And if things get too squirrelly, I just might say the heck with it and suggest we all go listen to the Marshall Tucker Band.

Thanks in advance for checking back from time to time.

There. That was pretty clear, wasn't it? This promises to be good times.


woziszeus said...

Mike must read a lot of Will Leitch.

I'm happy. He'll get a chance to bash Prince Fielder in a more informal setting. Can't wait.

brad said...

Holy crap! Check out the comments...people actually like this guy?? I say we all create JS Login's and destroy every on of his blog entries.

Nubs said...

At least we know Hunt is a Slap Shot Fan. I finaly found something of merit in this guy.

"my man Dickie Dunn"

Matt said...

Good Lord.

More proof that we're surrounded by idiots.

Justin said...

Apparently people like Mike Hunt? I'm guessing most of the fans he does have, he only has because his name is Mike Hunt.

It's about time he started blogging though, after all, him and his unkept, greasy hair, and fondness for wearing hoodies and sweat/jogging pants (not jeans) to press boxes are a welcome addition to the blogging community.

AP said...

I get the feeling that checking in on his blog is going to be a biweekly endeavor here at the very minimum. The guy is basically making CH staff's job easier. You dudes should be thrilled. I mean, except for the fact that this should make you cringe.

wrigleyville said...

you forgot the sic after "try and accommodate." the phrase is "try to accommodate," otherwise he is explaining that he will accommodate, but only after trying.

see, this is fun already!

Anonymous said...

Brett Favre is a douchebag.

(Just looking for a place to announce that.)

Matt said...

I thought about "sic"-ing that too, but with Mike Hunt who knows what his intent actually was in using that phrase.

As an aside, I really wish Ted Thompson would stop commenting anonymously on this website.